Do you charge for creating an account?

Nope, we don’t.

What is your service charge?

We charge 50% of first month’s tuition fees or 30% of first installment received where tuition fees is for total course and is paid to you in installments.

Why do you take service charge? Why is it not free?

We at MyTrustedTutor help you connect with students who are looking for best teachers around to help them learn. We want you to focus on what you are best at doing and that is teaching. We will take care of what we are best at and that is marketing. As you must get paid for your services to a student so should we.

How will you come to know that a deal is finalized?

We don’t have a drone surveillance :) However, our 5 years of behavioural and transactional analytics has given us and our team a sense to detect if something is fishy. We may in this case let you know about our feeling by a SMS or may just Unsubscribe you.

What is ETG?

ETG is Elite Teacher Group. We look at following traits to include teacher in ETG:-
1. Gets in touch with parent/ student within 2 hours of applying to a tuition.
2. Informs MyTrustedTutor about the feedback without followup about the outcome of a tuition.
3. When there is followup by MyTrustedTutor, answers MyTrustedTutor’s calls or calls back if unable to answer at the time of call. Replies to MyTrustedTutor’s SMS or WhatsApp. Replies to calls and messages within 2 hours.

Can i collect fees from the parent?

First month’s fees and in case of total course fees, first instalment is collected by us. We deduct our service charge and transfer money to your bank account or by Paytm.

Want someone to help you find a tutor specific for your needs?
A member of our team will call you back in 24 hours