What is MyTrustedTutor.com?

 MyTrustedTutor.com is an online platform that helps students and teachers connect. Students can search for teachers, instructors, classes, or counsellors to help them master any subject or skill. Teachers and classes owners can register for free and improve their chances of reaching out to students. Besides private tutors, the website also has a list of qualified online tutors and tutors who can assist students in completing their homework assignments. The website also helps students connect to academic counsellors who can help them with any career related queries.                              


Will a Student contact me or should I contact a Student when I receive a tuition query?

We share tuition requirements with both students and tutors. There is no rule that call must be made by student or tutor. Waiting too long may mean that a student would finalize a tutor who called in first. You as tutor should not feel below par by contacting students first. Please always look at it as an opportunity to grow your student base and popularity. 

How do I Register with MyTrustedTutor.com?

Please click on “Want to Teach” and complete the entire Registration Form to successfully activate your account. You will receive a notification as and when your account is activated and up on the website for the students to see.

Is there any eligibility criteria to register as a tutor at MyTrustedTutor.com?

To become a good tutor you don’t need to acquire a degree rather you need to have expertise in your tutoring area. Although professional teaching should always be supported with necessary educational proofs and certificates.

Is there any registration charges at Mytrustedtutor.com?

The registration is absolutely free. But to get access to students/parents contact information it is important for you to opt for Revenue-Sharing Plan. To know more, write to us at admin@mytrustedtutor.com or SMS/Call/Whatsapp at 9987587591

What are the benefits of Revenue-Sharing Plan?

As a premium member you are entitled for following benefits
 Instant alerts through SMS and Emails
 You are able to contact Students/Parents directly.

How can I enhance my profile’s visibility?

: You can
 Upload a profile picture
 Declare all your educational details
 Update all your tutoring experience
 Ask your students to review your teaching
 Add references
 Login into your account frequently
 Build credential by submitting/uploading Identity Proof, Address Proof, Educational Certificates in the website

What are the modes of payment at Mytrustedtutor.com?

Payment Gateway/Online: 

Fund Transfer: Directly in the Bank Account
Cheque/Cash Deposit: In ICICI Bank Branches/ATMs/NEFT in Bank Account
Send Cheque through Courier in our Office address

How to apply for the assignments displaying on the site of MyTrustedTutor.com?

To apply for the tuitions showing on the website, tutor first needs to login into their account, and then you can directly apply to the requirements posted by students and parents.

What fees should be charged to Students?

You are free to negotiate and discuss with Students/ Parents. Please have a thorough market study about the fee structure. MyTrustedTutor.com does not play any role here.

How to retrieve my password?

By clicking on the ‘forgot password’ option a new password is sent on your registered email Id. You can also send us a mail on admin@mytrustedtutor.com and retrieve your password

May I teach students I find outside of the Mytrustedtutor.com network?

Yes, you are free to teach the students outside of Mytrustedtutor.com network.

How will a meeting with Students/Parents are organized?

We share Tutor contact information with Students/Parents through SMS/Email and similarly we share, students/parents contact information with Tutor through SMS. This facility is currently only provided to Premium Tutors.

How will I convince parents of my skills?

The way you talk, the way you share your experiences, students/ parents get convinced and many a times students/ parents will like to meet Face-to-face and would like to have demo session. In this manner, you can convince your skills.

Who will negotiate fees with Parents/Students?

We provide your contact information with Students/ Parents, so you directly negotiate fees with Students/Parents.

As i am very new in this profession is there a subject wise fee chart for one student or group tuiti

No, we don’t provide any guidance in terms of fee structure. Fee depends upon your ability and how much you are willing to earn from each assignment. When quoting fee, keep in mind that you will incur expenses in travelling/commuting also.

How you MTT as intermediary will keep track of parent/ student and teacher meeting/ negotiation/ fee

We take regular feedback from Students/ Parents and our try to understand Tutors experience.

What other benefits i might have from tying up with MTT?

We provide wide platform for showcasing your skills and experiences.

How is MTT different from other tuition bureaus?

We are not Tutor bureau, but a platform for Students and Teachers to connect directly.

Will i get to see feedback on me or give feedback?

Wait for few months, and review will be available in the website

Are there any pointers i have to keep in mind while discussing/ negotiating with parents?

Try to understand Students/Parents need precisely, expectation and students ability.


Do I need to pay to Mytrustedtutor.com?

There is no fees for registration on MyTrustedTutor.com. As a student you will pay only fees to tutor. 

How much should I pay for tutoring?

You can set your own fees depending on your skill, experience, location etc. However, we are in process of putting together fees guidelines for your reference. We will advice and appreciate that fees you commit you should abide by as any change in fees during the course of tuition can leave bad impression.  

How can I find a tutor using Mytrustedtutor.com?

Finding an expert tutor at Mytrustedtutor.com is easy. Students just need to select their ‘city’, ‘subject’ and ‘level’ to see the profiles of the teacher of their concern. In case they could not connect to the teacher of their choice, they need to post their requirement and Mytrustedtutor.com team will help those finding excellent tutors for them.

Is the trial or demo class offered free from Mytrustedtutor.com tutors?

It totally depends on tutors. Most of the tutors have good command on their subjects and feel comfortable to offer first class or consultation free.

When and how should I make payments to tutor?

You need to talk with your tutor about the mode of payments and duration of the payments. Generally, tutors accept cash or cheque.