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 All the terms and conditions are applicable to Tutors, Classes, Students, and Parents, Visitors or anyone who uses or access the website.
 Tutors are bound to provide the correct information and details about the personal details, tutoring experience, educational qualification and fees.
 MyTrustedTutor.com will take all steps to keep information of Tutors and Students safe and secured, but not be liable for unauthorized access to the information provided by the student and Tutor.
 A Tutor agrees that he is 18 years of age, when a Tutor has been registered as Tutor.
 A Tutor is responsible for collecting any fees or payment directly from Students/ Parents or whoever takes the service. MyTrustedTutor.com will not be responsible in any way for the fees or payment not collected.
 A Tutor will not include any personal information like Email ID, Mobile No. and Landline No. in any of the field in Brief Experience, Tutoring Experience, Timing, etc. MyTrustedTutor.com will remove all personal information from these fields, and if it is repeated, MyTrustedTutor.com can even remove the member from accessing the website.
 A Tutor is responsible for the personal information published in the website and no one can hold MyTrustedTutor.com liable for any claims posted by Tutor.
 A Tutor cannot reimburse any dues or claims pending from the student. It is the duty of Tutor to recover or claim.
 A Tutor is not the employee of MyTrustedTutor.com and so any tax needs to pay from his profession, it is the duty of Tutor to do the same.
 Tutors are responsible for maintaining the security of password and authentication. Tutors will be fully responsible for all use of your account and for any actions that place using one’s account.
 MyTrustedTutor.com takes the endeavor to provide genuine and right enquiry to Tutor, but we cannot guarantee the same. Further, we cannot guarantee that by becoming a member of the website, you will get enquiry and response from our side.
 MyTrustedTutor.com continuously checks the website and if it finds any content inappropriate or misleading, it will be immediately removed, without specifying any reason whatsoever.
 MyTrustedTutor.com expects that correct email ID, and genuine Mobile No. has been provided in the website, and any changes will be immediately communicated by the tutor.
 MyTrustedTutor.com is a portal specially designed for the student to find the Tutor, but it cannot guarantee that the website will be able to find the Tutor
 Students/Parents or any users are advised to independently verify the claims posted by any Tutors/ Classes. If the information is inappropriate and misleading, you are requested to notify immediately to us by writing at info@mytrustedtutor.com . MyTrustedTutor.com will not be responsible for any harm done by the tutor to the students/users or vice-versa.
 MyTrustedTutor.com makes no warranty that the website is free of Computer Virus, or any system importing software, cookies, or that the website would operate without any errors or interruptions. No user or anyone else may harvest or collect email address or other contact information of the users from the website by electronic or any other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited emails or other unsolicited communications.
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