We are a marketplace for private tutors, school teachers, corporate trainers, academicians, educators, all kinds of education professionals, people who can help with school assignments, projects, craft. We now are also into helping IB/IGCSE Schools, other schools, Institutes and classes with their teaching job requirements from around the world. We basically help people in this world of education discover one another. We are driven by our mission to make quality education easily and affordably available to all.


Modern times are littered with stress, anxiety and disappointments in almost all aspects of living. We want at least education which is considered as critical as food, shelter and safety to become a bit less if not lot less problem for you. We do not claim to be edu gods who would make learning feel like chocolate smoothie but we want to make learning for you an experience, a memory that you cherish forever.


We are a small team with big dreams of making our customers dream big or helping our customers realize their big dreams. We will do everything in our means to connect and match best with best.

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