A 10 point primer for Successful Private Tutor

1. If starting private tuition first time, it will take atleast an year to establish your name and trust.

2. Don’t compare with your friends job in corporate world, as its like comparing apples with oranges.

3. Do what you love teaching. This will enable you to become an expert tutor.

4. Diversify. Try to have students from different age groups. Like have students from school section and from college section too.

5. Stay updated and keep learning new skills. Remember, you have to train yourself.

6. Set the right tuition fee. Ask from your friends and don’t charge too less. Don’t be tempted to get into a bidding war. As each service has its own standard.

7. Enhance your people skills. Talk professionally over phone, and try to meet students or parents. Meeting personally makes a lot of difference.

8. Build a pipeline for work: even when you are doing one tuition, start thinking about where next one is coming from, so there are no gaps.

9. Work on Time Discipline: Preparing time table and schedule is very important. Eat only what you can chew. It may happen that you have taken more tuition and you don’t have time now for all.

10. Make sure your payment terms are very clear: Whether you will be charging on a monthly basis or yearly basis or hourly basis. Whether you will be taking advance or fee after completion.

All these are very basic and you may be aware too.

Private Tutor. In the Indian employment sector, this word usually sounds “second best”. It has been domain of Indian females, as teaching is not in the constraints of 9 to 5 job. It does not require any qualifications or there is no Entry barrier. Anyone can start. Mother’s who want to work from home. Or people who cannot make out to ” formal” job.

But things are changing and more people are opting for private tuition. Be it school teachers who have worked in schools. Corporate professional who have worked with Big Name like Icici, Hdfc, tatas, Morgan Stanley. Why there is much interest in teaching?

There could be several reasons. Salaries in schools are not matching with increase in expenses and life-style. Job of schools are now not anymore flexi job, but it has become more like a corporate job. Even though there is huge disparity in salaries.
Teachers are being burdened with non teaching assignment and many time teachers have to bring school work at their home.
Pay in private tuition is lucrative and arrangement is flexi

Why corporate professional are opting? Jobs in corporate demands huge work pressure, creativity is lost in mundane process.

How do Private Tutors do get a job?
Historically, private tutor has huge circles of students or parents, who refer each other. With the technology adoption and tech savvy teachers have created their own website and social groups in Facebook too. There are Tutor bureau who provides assignment to Teachers. Tutors do local advertising through distribution of pamplet in newspaper, society, etc. Many of the teacher has created their profile in the website run by me I.e. Mytrustedtutor.com response has been mixed. For different teachers, different strategy has worked.

From whatever sources, you get assignment. It’s very important for you to high quality teaching. You must be familiar with subject and course content. You need to invest time and money to keep yourself updated. If you are teaching, CBSE and ICSE, be familiar with Books, course content, exam schedule, school timing, schools located in your locality. You shouldn’t be asking parents that what is the syllabus and course content of Std 10th Math. If you ask, you know the response.
Do your homework, in today’s world, with huge Penetration’s of technology, it’s not difficult to find course content and syllabus. If you are not tech savvy, don’t hesitate to ask from teachers in your group or network.
Teaching is an Art. There will be huge rejections in the beginning before you get First assignment. But, try to learn, What went Wrong? Many a time, you will not know, but few times you know. Never under quote your Tuition Fee to get assignment. Sooner or Later, you will fall in this trap, and it will be difficult to quote higher rates in future.

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