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  1. Starter Kit for New Tutor: Making the Best of

Core Subjects:


  1. How can I improve my English language skills? written By Pratyasha Ghosh
  2. How to Learn English Effectively written by Abhinav Kadambi
  3. Trick to learn English speaking and writing written by Vandana Chawla
  4. Teaching English Grammar and Language to Adults written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  5. How to Write Correct Spellings
  6. How does one improve Vocabulary Skills– Arunagshu Sarkar


  1. Importance of History: An Academic View written by Jaspreet Kaur
  2. How to Make Economics a Fun Subject by Jaspreet Kaur



  1. Common Aptitude Test (CAT Info) with by Farhan Sherif

  2. How a MBA benefits You by Ashutosh Raina
  3. MBA: The Complete Know How with by Sushma Das


  1. How can I improve my Mathematics Skills written by Vandana Chawla

Foreign Language

  1. Learning Foreign Language: Ways and Tips written by Abhinav Kadambi
  2. I am interested in learning a foreign language? Which language should I learn? written by Syeda Eba


Registered Tutor:

  1. Benefits of creating Tutor profile in
  2. How much Tuition Fee to Quote
  3. Welcome to MyTrustedTutor: Make the Best Of This!
  4. How to make your Tutor Profile attractive @
  5. How to Verify Credentials @
  6. Tutor Revenue Sharing Structure at
  7. Starter Kit for New Tutor: Making the Best of


  1. How promising is teaching a profession in Mumbai written by Vandana Chawla
  2. How to make tutoring a fun for Students written by Arundhati Sarkar
  3. In India, why teaching is not a well paid profession written by Sushma Das
  4. Is it necessary for Private tutors to hold an educational degree/certificate? written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  5. Qualities of a Good Teacher written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  6. Is tutoring a passion or profession? written by Arundhati Sarkar
  7. What is the best way of tutoring?
  8. What is the Future of Private Tutoring? written by Vandana Chawla
  9. What problems do teachers face? written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  10. What to consider before starting any tuition? written by Arundhati Sarkar
  12. Will teaching become automated? written by Arundhati Sarkar
  13. Teaching Profession: Is it More Stressful? written by Sushma Das
  14. Do College Students tutoring for Money is a Good Idea written by Vandana Chawla
  15. How can one promote his or her services of Private Tuition written by Sushma Das
  16. Teaching Complex Subjects in an Understandable Manner written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  17. New interactive and effective teaching techniques written by Syeda Eba
  18. Teaching as a Loved Profession written by Arundhati Sarkar
  19. No Standard Charges for Private Tuition: Reasons and Counters written by Varun Iyer
  20. Why Online Tutoring Makes Personal Tutoring Obsolete written by Sushma Das
  21. Education and Technology in the Contemporary World written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  22. Teaching Profession: Assessing Outcome Optimally written by Sushma Das
  23. Tutoring as a Rewarding Profession: Find One with written by Sushma Das
  24. Beauty of Teaching: A Selfless and Fulfilling Role written by Sushma Das
  25. Best 10 Traits of a Good Teacher: A Patient and Wonderful Mentor by Neeati Narayan
  26. The Art of Learning and Other Tutor Advice by Sushma Das
  27. 8 Things Tutors Should Avoid While Tutoring by Dani Dissosa
  28. 10 Tutoring Tips to Get Tutoring Assignments
  29. Advice For Tutors: 10 Ways to Build High Credibility and Reputation by Dani Dissosa

Students Corner:

  1. Which is more effective – Coaching classes or private tuitions? written by Abhinav Kadambi
  2. Are you sure you have the right tutor for your child? written by Vandana Chawla
  3. Which Board is better? CBSE or ICSE or State Board or IB/IGCSE?? written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  4. How do I choose a Tutor? written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  5. How does one learn how to learn? written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  6. Should parents force their children for Private tuition, when they are not interested? written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  7. Things to consider before choosing a Tutor?
  8. Top 10 reasons why you should not have a private tutor? written by Vandana Chawla
  9. What kind of a tutor is suitable for your child? written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  10. What should parents teach their kids written by Arundhati Sarkar
  11. What to consider before hiring Tutor written by Arundhati Sarkar
  12. Academics Not Enough More (Growing Importance of Extra-curricular Activities) written by Syeda Eba
  13. Ways to Find Trustworthy and Reliable Teachers written by Arundhati Sarkar
  14. Is private tuition expensive in Mumbai? written by Vandana Chawla
  15. We Seek Your Inputs to Make Tutoring a Great Experience written by Arundhati Sarkar
  16. Readying Your Child for the Competitive World written by Syeda Eba
  17. Effects of Every Student scoring above 90% and Opting for Professional Courses written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  18. E Pathshala to put Textbooks at Fingertips
  19. Importance of Questions and Doubts in Academics written by Arundhati Sarkar
  20. Is Open Learning still a refuge for Average Scorers: Defending the System written by Harish Desai
  21. Challenges of Self Teaching and Self Learning written by Sushma Das
  22. e-Learning: A New Avenue for Smart Studying written by Dani Disossa
  23. Listening as an Effective Tool: Teaching and Learning written by Arundhati Sarkar
  24. LinkedIn and Students: Making the Maximum Impact written by Neeati Narayan
  25. Benefits of Inquiring Tutors at written by Arundhati Sarkar
  26. Importance of Teachers: The Pillar of a Classroom
  27. Phonics: Relevance and Importance for Students written by Dani Disossa
  28. Campus Education versus Online Education by Jaspreet Kaur
  29. The Power of Online Education written by Jaspreet Kaur
  30. Exam Modes: Online versus Offline by Dani Disossa
  31. Importance of Entrepreneurship Education written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  32. How helps with Specific Subjects written by Jaspreet Kaur

Career Advise:

Job Post

  1. Internship opportunity at
  2. Join the Panel of Bloggers at
  3. The Art of Blogging: Becoming a Successful Blogger– Arundhati Sarkar
  4. JOB POST: Professional Course Blogger @
  5. JOB POST @ MyTrustedTutor: Web Developer; Apply Now!
  6. Guidelines for Bloggers @

General Advise

  1. Learn how to File Income Tax Return
  2. Learn How to File ITR-2A
  3. What are some of the brilliant career options for students who just passed class X? by Abhinav Kadambi
  4. Career Option after 10th/12th other than Engineering and Medical by Syeda Eba
  5. Is a career in dancing a risk to job security? by Syeda Eba
  6. Right to Education: Part One by Neeati Narayan
  7. Right to Education: Part Two by Neeati Narayan
  8. A Career in Journalism: Finding the Apt College by Arundhati Sarkar
  9. Fresh Graduates and Soft Skills: An Interplay by Harish Desai
  10. Are You fit for Distance Learning? by Harish Desai
  11. Guidelines for Choosing a College After Class XII
  12. How to Write a Feature for a Magazine or Newspaper? by Arundhati Sarkar
  13. Career Tip: Freedom to Study and Make your Career by Syeda Eba
  14. Choosing the “Right” Path: Designing Career by Agrima Agarwal
  15. Career in Journalism: Guide to Travel Writing by Arundhati Sarkar
  16. Sports Journalism: Carving Your Niche by Arundhati Sarkar
  17. Options After Engineering Course by Aditi Sharma
  18. Parenting Advice 101: The Art of Parenting by Jaspreet Kaur
  19. Information Overload: A Contemporary Issue by Jaspreet Kaur
  20. Employability Skill Gap amongst Indian Graduates: Workshops & More!
  21. Why is Time Management Important During Competitive Exams? by Dani Disossa
  22. How to Cope with Failure in CA Exams? by Gaurav Mergey
  23. Common Signs of Dyslexia and The Road Ahead
  24. GDP, Inflation and Budget: Why Are These Concepts Important? by Arundhati Sarkar
  25. How to Ace your Job Interview: A Basic Guide by Harish Desai
  26. Career Tips : Is CA a Good Option after Class 12th? by Jaspreet Kaur



  1. Methods adopted by Student to Study written by Harish Desai


  1. How does CA change One’s life for good? written by Sanat Biswal
  2. Common Proficiency Test (CPT) Syllabus for CA Entrance
  3. CA Corner: Preparing for CA Exams in an Optimum Manner [Part I] written by Sanat Biswal
  4. CA Corner: Preparing for CA Exams in an Optimum Manner [Part II] written by Sanat Biswal
  5. Eligibility Criteria for CA: Career in Chartered Accountancy
  6. CPT Preparation- 4 Important Guidelines
  7. Why Pursue Company Secretary Course: An Insight by Jaspreet Kaur
  8. Planning the Company Secretary Career? Here are some tips! by Nishtha Khanna


  1. IIT JEE: The Name Says it All!
  2. IIT JEE Preparation Tips written by Prateeksha Pathak
  3. SOP for MIS by Aparna Sakhare
  4. Statement of Purpose for Medical Studies or Medicine by Aparna Sakhare
  5. Top 11 Tips for GATE Exam Preparation by Dani Dissosa
  6. AIPMT Tips: How to Get it Crackin’ by Prateeksha Pathak

Foreign Entrance Exams:

  1. Important guidelines for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE & GMAT written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  2. IELTS Tips: Conquering This English Proficiency Test written by Aparna Sakhare
  3. Pearson Test of English Academic: Understanding the System written by Aparna Sakhare
  4. Computer based TOEFL Test & FAQs written by Aparna Sakhare
  5. SAT Preparation & The Complete Guide to SAT Exam written by Sushma Das


  1. Law as a Career Option and CLAT written by Neeati Narayan
  2. Different Law Entrance Exams of India and Patterns


  1. Course structure of MBA entrance exam in India and how does one crack it? written by Pratyasha Ghosh
  2. MBA Entrance Exams: Strategies to Score High written by Dani Disossa
  3. Why Opt for an MBA degree? written by Dani Disossa


  1. Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET)
  2. Structure and Content of Syllabus of Central Teachers Eligibility Test (Paper I)
  3. Structure and Syllabus for Central Teachers Eligibility Test (Paper II)
  4. Eligibility Criteria of Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET)
  5. Maharashtra Teachers Eligibility Test [Mah-TET]
  6. FAQs on Central Teacher Eligibility Test [CTET]
  7. Why is it Difficult to pursue a Masters in any subject of Humanities outside India?– Pratyasha Ghosh
  8. Institute of Banking Personnel Common Written Exam written by Dani Disossa
  9. National Eligibility Test (NET)
  10. The Art of First Impressions: Trudging Ahead by Harish Desai
  11. Postgraduate Entrance Exams as a Growing Phenomenon by Pratyasha Ghosh

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