GMAT – An access to a prominent network of future business leaders



GMAT – An access to a prominent network of future business leaders

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an online examination conducted to evaluate skills necessary for foreign MBA and other post graduate management courses. The student is tested for skills in Quantitative aptitude, Verbal skills and Analytical writing skills. The selection process for MBA candidates depends on the score in GMAT followed by a group discussion and a personal interview. So if you are wondering why to take GMAT when some other universities provide MBA course even without this entrance test, you are in the right place. MyTrustedTutor will provide you information pertaining to GMAT and the advantages of taking this test.

Scores of GMAT are exclusively meant to be used for making decisions for business schools. So you must be thinking if business schools are putting too much emphasis on GMAT scores in admission decisions? Well, according to MBA admission consultants, who help shape the candidacy of thousands of MBA applicants each year, certainly think so. Experts believe, business school admission officials are weighing GMAT scores more seriously than before. After taking the first test for GMAT, written essays, admission interviews, and undergraduate grade point averages are what get an applicant ahead of others, according to the consultants. GMAT scores are being given more attention by B-Schools mainly because the exam scores are factored in annual rankings published by U.S. News & World Report and The Economist, and the emerging view that a school’s average GMAT score is an overall representation for the excellence of students it enrols.

In recent times, companies are providing advertisements for finance jobs where a particular score is mentioned as a prerequisite, for instance, a candidate must have scored in the 99th percentile (used to be 750 and now it is 760).

Over the years, GMAT has proven to be a good indicator on how you will perform during your first year at business school. For instance, the quantitative section of the GMAT enables a selection committee or future manager to evaluate your ability to cope with thought-provoking formulas.

Often students want to know, what is considered a good score to gain admission a business school. Well, every program will have different requirements, but here is a list of recommendations that will most likely help you:

  1. Identify whether your dream B-School has a minimum GMAT score and if so, what aspects are favoured (i.e., quants should be higher than X)?
  2. What is the average GMAT score for your chosen program?
  3. What is the range of scores for your chosen program?

Remember, even if math or quants are your strong hold, finding time to study algebra and calculus can be a challenge. However if you’re serious about pursuing your education at a top business school, GMAT will be the first step on your journey towards an MBA or any other particular master’s program.

And if you’re interested in an occupation in finance, handling complex stats is a must. On the other hand, problem-solving, planning, and measuring skills are essential in business management careers. The analytical part of your GMAT will be highly regarded. Other factors which are important to your application are – Career objectives, background, previous academic performances, and your motivation to join a school.


The structure of the GMAT

Integrated Reasoning: This section has 12 questions to be solved in 30 minutes. The score is reported on a scale of 1-8 (intervals of 1). The questions will include interpretation of tabular, graphical and written information from a variety of sources. Each question given to you will be independent and may have more than one part, but one prompt may be used for more than one question. An on-screen calculator will be available to you.

Quantitative Section: This section will be a 75-minute Quantitative section, and you will have 37 questions. In all questions of the GMAT exam, once you answer a question, you can’t go back to it, because both the Quantitative and Verbal sections are Computer Adaptive. You will either get harder or easier questions, depending on whether the preceding answers were right or wrong. This Quantitative section has two types of multiple choice questions: data sufficiency and problem solving. Although the level of math knowledge should be within the grasp of an 11th Grade student, the level of reasoning required is quite high.

Verbal Reasoning: This section contains three types of question: critical reasoning; reading comprehension; sentence correction. All questions are multiple-choice.


So what are the benefits of GMAT?

Accessible: More than 530 GMAT test centres worldwide. So it is accessible to people all over the globe.

Career Opportunity

Your GMAT score is valid in other English speaking countries. Hence accomplishing a good score in GMAT can land you in bright career opportunities in your dream country and elsewhere.

Exposure to multicultural environment: If you wish you study abroad and meet people from different cultures and spaces, GMAT gives you an opportunity.  This helps you to grow as a person and makes you adjust to multicultural diversity and environment.

Liberty to choose exam date: You have the freedom to choose the date and time to write this exam.

Self-Evaluation: This test not only increases your chances of studying and working in different countries, but also it helps you in judging your ability and skills.

Strictly monitored: The test is conducted under strict supervision, and ensures that student’s results are secured.


Age Limit- There is no specified age limit for taking the GMAT exam. You can take this test even after years of gaining work experience.

Score Limit- GMAT score is valid for 5 years. Which means you can join the MBA program anytime within this time period.

Worldwide Criterion: Around 1900 B-Schools world-wide use GMAT test.

Value Added Skills

Time Management Skills – You will learn the most important skills when you start preparing for this exam. The time limit in each exam will help you learn to manage your time better.

Multiple Skills – The subjects covered in GMAT are very crucial in every domain. It can help you improve your verbal skills and writing skills. The quantitative aptitude test preparations will improve your problem solving skills, which is necessary in professional life.

As GMAT is computer-adaptive test, multiple choice answers are given for the questions. Your computer skills are required.

GMAT gives you a better chance to target the best of B-Schools in town and even abroad. Therefore it is a valuable opportunity available for those who believe in getting their MBA degree by sheer luck, and as the saying goes “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.


How to Apply

  1. You have to refer to the authorized official portal of GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) for applying to GMAT 2016.
  2. After visiting the official website, click on the tab shown GMAT exam and thereafter select the option ‘Scheduling an Exam’.
  3. If you are a new user and have not yet registered, then you have to register yourself, click on register for GMAT 2016.
  4. Now proceed towards the registration and enter your all the necessary information followed by your academic/personal details.
  5. Enter your professional details like where you want to take admission for MBA, your specializations etc.
  6. As far as you complete your registration process, you have to move towards the GMAT 2016 Exam Scheduling section
  7. Click on the option ‘schedule a GMAT appointment’ and select the 3 test centres according to your flexibility.
  8. After the selection of the particular test centre, the candidates will be provided with the available upcoming examination dates and the slot of the test centre.
  9. Now make the payment of USD 250 in order to complete the application procedure of GMAT 2016.

Application Form

As the application form is available in the official website of GMAT all the time, the registration for GMAT 2016 can be done at any time. You can apply for the entrance exam of GMAT 2016 online, through phone, postal or fax, or through the official portal of the GMAT. Interested applicants can schedule his/her appointment as per convenience by simply selecting the examination centre, day of the test and the timings.

Application Fee

As mentioned earlier, candidates have to pay the fee of USD 250 for the registration of GMAT 2016 and the applicants can pay the application fee through any mode given below.

For online applicants, credit/debit card (through VISA/Master/American Express/JCB) facility is available and for offline mode applicants, the payment for registration of GMAT 2016 can be done through by Cashier’s check, Money orders, and Personal checks. If you paying in offline mode, please note that your payment must be received by the VUE-GMAT at least before the 10 days of the examination appointment.

Plan. Prepare. Practice

Dedication and planning is crucial. Remember, GMAT is not hard, the GMAT is tricky, hence prepare well. The test will determine your academic fitness and predict. If you wish to secure admission to one of the world’s top business schools, take the test. Programs that require the GMAT attract the best students.



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