How a Teacher can Create Video Profile

What is Video Profile?

In a physical world, a teacher usually interacts face-to-face with the students and thus they develop a strong bonding. But, in a virtual world, expectations of the students, parents,Schools, Colleges and Recruiters are different.

Students,Schools and Recruiters want to know about their teachers before contacting them. They want to do a complete research for the teacher’s profile before reaching out to them; they look out for videos to see how the teacher has been teaching the other students.

Besides this, the most important thing that matters when Recruiters or Parents/Students looks out for a teacher is

  1. The profile or
  2. The work experience of the teacher,
  3. How competent the teacher is with the online education.

And to make this process easier the teacher needs to have a video profile.

Yes, large number of teachers from younger generation has started creating a digital profile. Many have gone to the extent of starting and managing YouTube channel.

And, here we see a gap. Large number of experienced teachers have nil to zero presence in online world.

Though, these teachers are great teachers but have tech-phobia or have never shown interest to create online presence or online portfolio. If these experienced teachers are not available online, our education world will miss the best and brightest teachers and educators.

Why Video Profiling of Teacher is Important?

Today’s generation watch and consume more videos than ever. We want to watch on youtube and learn. We want to watch live demo and live lessons. So, having Video Profile helps in building authenticity and credibility.

You will be able to save Time as Conversion ratio will be high.

How to do Video Profiling?

Video Profile of a Teacher can be done in the following manner:

1. You can record your own video over phone where you can share your work experience or your way of teaching and can have a Video Resume of your work profile.

2. Teacher Speak-Up: started with Teacher Speak-up where teacher speaks about their Educational Background, Experiences, the way they teach, etc. (it’s like Introducing Yourself in a Virtual World in 5-10 minutes timeframe)

3. Kaira Talks: This will provide a platform for the teachers to give a demo session for the students which will allow them to understand the teaching style and potential of the teacher. In this the teacher will be in a direct talk with the host of the show and dissect a particular topic related to education. The video will be of approx 25-30 minutes.

4. Conducting Webinar with MTT (60 Minutes and More). Either you can do 1 or multiple. The more you do, the more online profile will be done.

In this way, we will help you in building a Video Profile, If interested to create, please fill this Teacher Registration Form

What MTT will do once Video is recorded?

We will do all the recordings through Zoom Call or Google Meet or any other medium. After recording, your video will be edited for Teacher Speak-up and will be posted on MTT Youtube Channel (Link will be shared with you) Online Video Link, you can post in Resume/Social media/ LinkedIn or any network you want to publish.

Recording can also be provided to you in the following manner:

Recording will be provided only for Teacher Speak-Up programme.

At present all Video recordings that will be provided. In future, recording will be provided at a nominal Fee.

Requirements before creating a Video Profile?

Following things become important and critical when recording a Video Profile:

  1. You should be present in the best way possible i.e. Presentable and Well-dressed
  2. Well-lit Rooms
  3. Good Sound Quality
  4. No Back-ground Disturbance (Noise or back-ground)
  5. Well- prepared
  6. You need to check your internet connectivity. For shooting a perfect video your internet bandwidth needs to be strong and stable.

What information are needed to be shared before Video Profiling?

  1. Detailed Resume
  2. Full-scape Photo
  3. Date and Time of Recording

Interested to create Video-Profile, please fill up Teacher Registration Form



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