How Can You improve English Language Skills: A Basic Guide

How Does One Improve English Language Skills

As a language, English probably has become the most commonly spoken one in India in addition to being the official language. Thus it becomes imperative to have a stronghold over English, something which comes naturally to some while others have to hone their skills till they master the language. So, here is a list of things one can do to strengthen their English language skills and add that extra brownie point to their personality.

  1. Have frequent conversations- Speaking is key to learning any language, and so you need to converse with people (preferably people who have a better command over the language than you) in English as much as possible. Don’t worry if you make mistakes; it means you can correct yourself. If you find that too hard, start by standing in front of the mirror and practicing.
  2. Audio-visuals- This is an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with the language. Watch English shows on TV, listen to English music, ask your better friend for suggestions if you are at sea about which shows to opt for. Preferably, go for the ones with subtitles as this will help you repeat the sentences if you cannot make them out by simply listening.
  3. Write- Writing skills are as essential as speaking as a lot of official work is done through the written word. Use your free time to write about anything that interests you. In addition to honing your composition skills, it will act as a better stress buster than TV. Start keeping a journal of the daily event if you are not the creative type where you can cover your life events. This is sure to help.
  4. Think in English-A very effective method to make any foreign language your own is to think in that language. What most students don’t understand is that converting any text into your own and then realizing it will clear your concepts, but the ultimate presentation has to be done in English no matter what. In such a situation, one usually wastes time in reconverting the idea into English. Thus it is better to try and understand in English rather than carry out a series of translations and re-translations.
  5. Seek help- This is the last and most practical step to take if one is serious about improving English speaking as well as writing capabilities and wants to do so quickly. A good English class will cover every aspect of learning the language. It will cover technical knowledge, thus improving your grammar; a group of learners like you will ensure a healthy development with constant discussions and interactions. Such programs usually include personality development sessions, thus enabling you to enhance your public speaking skills and pronunciations.

In conclusion, it would not be wrong to say that most of us require a push and a formal institution will encourage a more focused approach to better your English language skills, an essential requirement for any job today. My Trusted Tutor can help you find such a credible English class with ease.

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