How do we get student enquiries from students/parents

Getting quality tuition enquiries is tough and each tuition enquiry needs to be verified for relevance, accuracy n correctness. We get tuition enquiry from several channels:   Students parents visiting website directly, sending enquiries through email, calling us directly or someone like you referring. You will not believe that more than 50% of enquiries are not relevant and not processed. What it means is that you only get relevant tuition enquiry. The most common feedback is that Students/ parents not responding. Yeah, it happens that on several occasions, parents/ students enquire from several places, including us. So, they get lots of calls and after sometime, they stop responding. Either, their Requirement is fulfilled or they are already in talking terms. Or they are not looking immediately or it was just a bad timing or bad luck. You should be delighted to know that your details have already been shared with students/ parents, so you can get a return call. If parents are not responding, you can drop a SMS or whatsapp stating that you tried to call but not reachable.
Sharing Feedback becomes extremely helpful. Want to know Why, Read it.
1. Feedback whatever that Students parents not responding, their Requirement is completely different, all goes a long way in keeping only relevant enquiry. On many occasions, I have found out that your feedback has benefitted other tutor. Similarly, you can get benefit with the feedback of other tutor.
2. Sharing feedback shows your sense of belongingness and working together. We tend to know you more and we can enhance or upgrade few of features. It was from your feedback, that we knew, many parents are reluctant to pay for Demo. We have also seen that
3. How long it takes for Tuition Enquiry to convert?

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