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How works for Tutor

I will explain to you how works for Tutor and how you can get the maximum benefit from us.

To get any tuition inquiry request from Students and parents, Tutor should have correct and accurate information about the following things:

  1. Subjects and Grades you teach,
  2. Location preference like tutor place or student place or classes or online
  3. Areas you take tuition like Bandra East, Bandra West.

All these are a time-consuming process to do with us. But, it’s a one-time investment to get accurate and relevant tuition inquiry.

Besides, this, you should also be

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Place of Residence
  3. Uploading good professional Photo,
  4. Teaching Experience
  5. Writing proper Title and
  6. Writing a detailed description of yourself.
  7. Qualification and
  8. Fees

All this information helps in discovering yourself at the site.

To understand why these are important, let me explain how student/parent inquiries from

  1. Student/Parents search for Tutor in website
  2. Student/Parents submit a request for Tutor in website
  3. Student/Parents call us and request for Tutor

Student/Parents search for Tutor on the website.

Student/Parents search for specific teacher subjects’ grades and locations. 

Step 1: If your profile matches with Subjects you teach, grades you teach, and with your location. Your tutor profile gets discovered.

For example: If you teach Physics for Standard 11 and Standard 12 at Andheri West, when student inquires your profile becomes visible to Students or Parents.

Step 2: Student/Parent views your brief profile which includes your name and Photo,

Step 3: Student/Parent clicks and visits your Tutor profile. In your detailed profile page, student/parent views your Professional Photo, Place of Residence,  Teaching Experience, Profile Title, and Profile Description.

Preferred Place, Preferred Area, Subjects and Qualification

In a few minutes or a few seconds, students/parents make an opinion about you, whether they will contact or not.

So here you make a distinction if your tutor profile is incredible. Read more about how to make Tutor Profile attractive.

Step 4: The student submits a request to get your contact details. You should have correct information of 

Name, Email Id, verified mobile number

Step 5: After this, your contact details are shared with students or parents. There is a high chance that you will probably get a call and be prepared to handle requests professionally. 

In case, you are not able to respond to call, do contact later or drop a crisp message. Learn how to talk in the first call or what message to send, once you get contact details of students or parents. Also, know how to convert the First call into First Meeting and First Demo Session.

Student/Parents submit a request for Tutor in website

Another way, student inquires for the teacher is that they submit a request for a teacher on the website with their requirements.

Step 1: Tuition request consists of the following information from Student/ Parents side:

  1. Student/ Parent name and contact information (Email ID and Mobile Number),
  2. City and Place of Residence
  3. Subjects and grades
  4. Inquiry in Details

Additional iNformation

  • Tutors preferred Age
  • Gender Preference
  • Preferred Place
  • Fee Budget
  • Favorite Days

Step 2: All contact details and requirements get verified before sending it to the teacher. Based on matching criteria, registered and verified Tutor receive new tuition inquiries through email and SMS.

Step 3: The teacher needs to login to your tutor account to apply for these requests. Once you use for inquiry, your details are exchanged with students or parents. And at the same time, you also receive details through SMS.

Student/Parents call us and request for Tutor

The third way, students or Parents inquire is through our calling service. And again, our admin team post requirement of tuition on behalf of students or parents which consist of same information of Student/Parent submits a request on the website

Getting tuition request by any means, it is essential for you to have a Tutor Profile completed in all aspects.

What are the charges for availing of these services?

For accessing any of the above services, we are not charging any registration or membership fee till 31 Dec 2019.

How to convert Tuition Inquiry into Tuition Assignment?

After getting student/parent contacts, another cycle starts for converting into tuition assignment. It requires the following steps:

  1. Introductory Call
  2. Co-ordination and follow-up for First Meeting or Demo Session
  3. Fee discussion, Timing suitability
  4. The signing of Tuition Assignment Agreement (Preferable)
  5. Collection of Tuition Fees
  6. Constant Feedback of learning

Several teachers can convert tuition inquiry, and few are not able to convert. Not conversion has nothing to do with teaching ability, but it requires different skills and regular follow-ups

For Conversion of Tuition Inquiry into Tuition Assignment, has different service called MTT Agency

In this activity, MTT Agency will talk and discuss the requirement with Student parents in greater detail. MTT Agency will find the best suitable matching teacher for student/parent requirements. And will do all communication and co-ordination to close the deal.

Since this requires extra effort and time for which separate commercials apply. For more details of the commercial of MTT Agency do contact us.

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