How Promising is the Teaching Profession in Mumbai?

Could any words or phrases ever justify the immense importance of teachers in framing our little lives?

Teaching is more of a duty than professionalism. Teaching is a noble profession and teachers are noble people. In the times of Aristotle or Chanakya, teachers were sovereign beings because of their art of shaping people’s lives. Furthermore, this article is about finding the right fit and the right tutors in Mumbai.

Now-a-days it’s unfortunate to see that teaching profession is criticised as a mere petty job. People forget that even the greatest of professionals had once been guided by their teachers.

But there are others too especially females who find it as a lucrative career option in which they can handle their own professional lives and household blended together.

In this time of advancement and with a huge increase in crime rate, women find it very difficult to go for jobs that consist of working late hours. Every woman wants to work meanwhile nurturing their families.

But to claim teaching as a women-oriented job is highly wrong. Teaching has grown it deep roots and branches in every corner. In metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, tutoring jobs have shown a significant increase, skyrocketing the demand for teachers.

The mind-set of the people declares teaching as a career for woman. It’s not just about teaching. Teaching requires a lot of commitment, diligence and planning. From a role model, a teacher, a parent to a kid, you become everything in a class-room.

A good teacher can always be a good leader. Statistics show a significant increase in the demand for teachers for private tutoring, public tutoring, schools and private organisations. Various sites such as,,, have spread its root throughout.

Technology has spread its roots in every sector making it convenient to spread education. People find teaching as an easy job and the last career option. Is it easy to teach forty kids in a class with each possessing their own mental state of mind?

The recent changes in lifestyle and living conditions have forced people to think of some job which could provide stability in their lives and support their family needs too.

Mumbai is all drowned in the haze of a very hectic and busy life. People don’t have time for themselves. Peer pressure and competition makes people strive for so called “good jobs” which when they fail to achieve are left with nothing.

Catering to the specific needs of getting your children educated, various NGOs such as Teach for India Make a difference, Pratham, and Cry have stepped forward to take the initiative. Teachers create the most promising leaders.

It’s not an easy job but it’s true it’s the most creative job of shaping and moulding children’s lives. In the hustle and bustle of the town people are seeking awareness for their own good. Opting for teaching is the most secure thing a person could ever find in the field of education.

Mumbai is all set to teach brilliant minds, it requires teachers who could help them in their ventures. In learning you teach and in teaching you learn. Those who educate children are more to be honoured than those who produce them.

Vandana Chawla

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