Tutor Advice: How to make Tutoring Fun for Students

Some basic Tutor Advice for teachers!

On the day one of your tutoring, put forth the idea: Learning is fun! To make learning fun for kids, play games, this will help them practice academic skills. Games are always exciting, interactive and colourful which kids may be more willing to do.

“Stop playing and get to work!” often comes out from individuals who believe in old school class room teaching with monologue mode of delivery. For school kids, it is through playing that most of the learning happens.

Students learn best when they involve in fun activities as playing enhances every domain of a child’s development.

Some quick tips:

  1. Be positive and motivate
  2. Let students teach or tutor you or each other
  3. Nurture their freedom to learn
  4. Think out of the box – use different approaches to avoid boredom
  5. Incorporate Technology when available
  6. Educate parents about the power of fun
  7. Play a matching game using index cards!
  8. Incorporate Hands-on activities
  9. Make review time fun
  10. Never forget to smile!

Thought leaders often stress upon the fact that, a speech needs to be scripted differently for different sets of audience and different occasions to make the communication effective.

So, if you have to make the learning effective for your students – You should learn the techniques to repurpose your content and make the approach fun filled for your students and this has to happen differently for different age groups.

Life is a series of experience and if you’re a tutor it becomes your responsibility to make the learning experience fun filled, to make the learning thought-provoking and useful.

Often people think of play as the opposite of work. But at work, individuals involve themselves in small games to come up with ideas. Abstract thinking is play, when a student reaches higher classes and has to deal with serious subjects, it the fun activities while tutoring that help them refresh their minds and take their lessons.

For instance, while tutoring science to a primary school kid by taking imageries, ideas, and concepts through an engaging activity will help them think in new ways.  If you are a tutor who believes in fun tutoring and you do it already while your classes try and make them more creative.

Number games, role-playing, word games, and other methods bring out the emotional and reasoning challenge with fun.  When students are allowed to play, they will challenge, coordinate and negotiate with each other, which help them learn social skills.

Even if it’s a maths class, make learning math a fun experience for the students. Online learning has gained immense popularity today.

This enables the student to chat with their tutors live and receive assistance regarding their problems in math. The online tutoring can happen through pictorial representations, number-games, and this provide easy and fun techniques that makes problems simple and easy.

For example, if a group has to be taught the importance of group activities, it is better the lesson takes place with outdoor activities that has fun with it. A fun activity compared to a mere class room session of the same topic will have a lot of difference and the effect will be last longing helping the student learn better.

Arundhati Sarkar


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