Exam Modes: Online versus Offline

From the time when the education system begins and till date, exams are the only tool that validates a learner knowledge level.

The reason to look into exams is very important in today’s competitive world, the present world is packed in digital era.

Hence, the chances of interactions with internet has grown up severely in all domains and that led to the situation of judging Online exam and Offline exam modes.

For long time from now, most of exams have been conducted as offline exams, but the new system of online exams introduced after internet boon and it has been followed in most of competitive exams.

Undeniably India has long way of technical stability and that’s why nowadays competitive exams are mostly computer based.

Every year lakhs of candidates who do their school and college exams in offline mode are pushed towards online mode exams when it comes to competitive level.

Not all candidates are happy with online exams other than experienced persons.

Thereby a common dilemma exists about facing online exam or offline exam modes. To make your choices, we list contrariety between online and offline exams.


Offline exams are very familiar and habituated type of exam using pen and paper or OMR type and it has been followed still now in schools, colleges, coaching classes etc.

Earlier Online exams were only used in E-learnings, generally candidates do their preparation by looking questions from books and study materials and thus the candidates are very comfortable with offline exams.


In offline exams candidates are totally away from technical glitches. But only those students who have their own time management can afford with offline exams.

In growing admiration the technical problems are quite persistent. Most of candidates have doubts on,

  • What happens in case power shut down in computer based test (online exam)?

  • Even if problem is treated with immediate measures, unfortunately system may face no guarantee issues.

In such cases the examination centre will always ensure you that no such glitches come up.


Do you know what is worse than not attending a question and losing marks for it?

In Offline it is attempting a question and still not awarded marks for.

For OMR sheet you have to mark the answer very perfectly in form round form and the answers once marked cannot be changed again, which is one of the major defect in paper-pen test.

In OMR sheet, by fault if you marked answer for 16 instead of 15 then it runs you to trouble.

So be careful when marking options.


If youfeel fair enough to take a computer based test then it’s very easy to go with online mode. Ironically those who know to use Pcs, smart phones, laptops are well known to handle computer applications.

Those students who familiar with Facebook, emails, Wikipedia’s are easy with computer based test.

Why panic about online exam? It is a simple process by selecting boxes or moving on to next questions like marking in OMR.

Online exam holds more facilities than offline exams where in a single click you can navigate between questions. And answering questions would be more accurate including no chance of mistakes in marking.

The questions can be marked for review and answers can be changed at any point of time.

At the time if you’re not confident or having no idea in selecting answer, just mark it for review and save you valuable time to continue with next questions

In India most of competitive exams and other PSU’s exams are already moved to computer based test, especially nation’s top exams like CAT, GATE, JEE Bank exams are conducted by online mode.

Although considering student difficulty in some exams candidates are given choices to choose either online mode or offline mode.

What’s the final recommendation?

The decision is depends upon personal choice and the candidates are advised to choose their comfortable mode of exam and verify with below recap.

Offline exam 
Pros Cons
Before starting exam candidate can go through full question paper. Answers once marked cannot be changed easily.
No technical issues would rise up Due to students crowd exam fear may rise.
Candidates can manage their own timings to finish the exam. Offline exam mode is time consuming one.
Since offline mode has been already practiced in schools and college’s students will be more comfortable with it. Chances of missing questions may occur.
Online Exam 
Pros Cons
Candidates can make their own timings and sessions Chances of facing technical issues and network problem are more.
Answers once marked can be changed later if needed. In many of competitive exams section wise pattern does not allow the candidates to navigate to another section.
Questions can be marked for review  
Mock test gives actual online exam experiences.  
Online calculator and workout spaces are provided.  

In current pace, the development of things moves rapidly and dependency of digital platform is high, so it advisable to practice with online modes of exams in order to hope with future.

If an aspirant has dedication and practiced knowledge then exam mode is not an issue.At a distancebe prepared and confident to face any competitive exams boldly.

All the Best!

Dani Dissosa


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