Is Tutoring a Passion or Profession?

Tutoring Profession

This article deliberates on the tutoring profession as to whether it is a passion or a vocation. Read on for more information about this career.

Of course teaching is a professional exercise. Gone are the days of Brahmacharya Ashrama or the Guru – shishya parampara! Now teaching is a lucrative profession. Not only people teaching in Colleges or Universities but even in schools also teachers receive reasonably respectable payment.

As a career option teaching today is quite sought-after. Moreover with the growing trend of disinvestment and decentralization in the education sector, the entire system is focussed on quality education at ANY cost!  Now, who will ensure quality?

Teachers, of course! So, the equation is as simple as a weather wheel! Pay quality teachers and extract the best from them! This is where today’s teachers have ample room to grow typically professional. However, the word ‘professional’ has two- fold implication.

Professionalism is a particular concept that is widely misunderstood and misinterpreted in a country like India. Almost invariably it is taken for granted that professionalism and blatant greed to suck off considerable volume of money from consumers of particular services, synonymous.

This is a gross misconception on a large scale. Of course there are people who hanker after amassing money by hooks or by crooks. But with the contemporary global order at the background, so called professionalism is vastly more reliable. Professionals, in the true sense of the term, are genuine, authentic, thoroughly skilled experts.

We have no valid reason to set them aside simply because they don’t compromise on the question of payment. Payment is a reward of the sincere hard work, honestly and painstakingly put in. It’s a motivating factor that inspires one to deliver better.

Most importantly, it is something that the service – provider deserves to receive. So a true professional can’t be accused of being passionate to amass wealth at any cost. It’s his profession. Thanks to professional expertise that at the end of the day he earns his bread and butter.

A true teacher is one who makes teaching a mission in life. He believes that knowledge expands and enhances when shared. To an ideal teacher a pupil is like a bud that needs to stretch itself out to emerge as a flower in full bloom! Here a true teacher plays the role of a gardener.

Being professional is not a vice if the individual concerned offers quality service. Professionalism is almost always synonymous with efficiency of the best order. A professional sportsperson is far more effective on field than his amateur counterpart.

For instance, we have our footballers and cricketers here in India. Footballers (of course not people like Baichung Bhutia . . . being Professional, they are exceptional!) play to run their insolvent families and that’s why they have to juggle home, office and the game they play!

On the contrary, cricketers like MS Dhoni or Virat Kohli have already turned multi – millionaires! The secret is no secret all! These people are thoroughly professional. They know that they are immensely talented and that’s why they can show the luxury of adopting professionalism!

As far as teaching is concerned, it is taken for granted as a noble profession! This conception has an inherent implication as if teachers are expected to be motivated only by some sort of passion for the practice called teaching and professionalism must not be there in their dictionary!

Of course teachers must be passionate about shaping young minds, showing them the right track to follow, inspire them to excel and achieve. But that doesn’t have any conflict with being professional. This is a new era. Here teachers are vastly more updated with state of the art teaching strategies, ultramodern technical back- ups!

They can deliver better in a concise and precise manner! Their professional approach is more practical, effective, student friendly. They can serve students’ purpose in a better way.

Being passionate is nice but being professional is more important in today’s perspective. After all a passionate lecture on Macbeth as a true tragic hero is nice but focussing on a to the point discussion and then delivering a information – oriented specimen answer will be a better option for students!

The best thing is a perfect balance between passion and professionalism. If that can be ensured, nothing can be more welcome !!!

Arundhati Sarkar

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