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Kaira Talks- An Educational Video Series

“Success begins with believing you can”

The Covid-19 pandemic has created the largest disruption of education systems in history, affecting billions of learners in more than 200 countries. The unprecedented situation has led to the closures of schools and other learning spaces that have impacted crores of students from around the world. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

At a time when imparting education has become challenging, MyTrustedTutor.com has come up with a new video series – “Kaira Talks” to help the students across the nation to take this challenging situation positively and strive back.

Kaira Talks will act as a moderator between the teachers/experts and the students. The video series will mainly consist of  topics related to education and career of a student.

Speakers on the platform will be professional teachers and education experts. They will be given the platform to express their views and valuable suggestions on various educational topics that can help students build their career.

Our main aim is to enhance educational qualities amongst the students with the help of the experienced teachers and professionals.

What is Kaira Talks?

Kaira Talks is a video series where a professional teacher will discuss and dissect a topic related to education or their field of expertise with a host from the My Trusted Tutor through zoom video meetings. This is not a regular webinar but a recorded video series which will consist of one teacher/educational expert and one host.

What are the objectives of Kaira Talks?

Kaira Talks is an educational video series which aims at enhancing the educational quality amongst the students by providing them cutting-edge videos on various topics related to the challenges and opportunities in the field of modern day education.

The primary objective of Kaira Talks is to increase the choice of courses students have. This helps students broaden their skills, as well as their understanding of their field of interest. This also allows students to attain new knowledge and skills that can supplement or complement their main field of study.

Objectives of Kaira Talks

1. Enhance educational qualities amongst the students

2. Help students become better and lifelong learners

3. Offer interactive video programmes for the students

4. Preparing students for competitive exams

5. Our mission is to make learning exciting and fun

What is the mode of the session?

Kaira Talks is not a regular webinar. The teachers/professional education expert will be sharing the views and experience with the host (one-on-one). This is a recorded session which will be conducted via ZOOM and will not have any participants. This is not a LIVE session but a pre-recorded session between a teacher or an expert and an editor from My Trusted Tutor.

Where to find the ZOOM link?

An editor from My Trusted Tutor will send a ZOOM meeting link prior to the scheduled day to make sure there are no confusions.

How long is the session going to be?

The session or pre-recorded video session will be for 30-40 minutes and not more. Since it is a recorded session, the video will be edited by our video editors before publishing it on the website’s YouTube account or other social media accounts.

What topics can be discussed?

Type of content we are looking for can vary from teacher to teacher depending on the field of expertise. The teacher will be given the freedom to choose the topic of discussion and let the editor of My Trusted Tutor know about it. A brief pre-session discussion will be held by the host of the series to make the things flow hasslefree.

For example the topic of discussion could be:

  1. What are career options available for a child who wants to study in Canada?
  2. How to prepare yourself for the JEE/NEET during this pandemic?
  3. What are various ways to keep your mental health at pace before the final board examination in pandemic?
  4. What advice will you give to parents or students who has specialised child in the classroom?

How to be a part of the Kaira Talks?

To be a part of the Kaira Talks please feel free to reach out to the editor of My Trusted Tutor at [email protected].

One who is applying to become a part of the video series must have:

  1. One must ensure there is good internet connectivity at home.
  2. One must know that this is not a LIVE session. This is a pre-recorded video which will be edited by the video editor before being published on YouTube.
  3. The video link will not be available immediately, it might take us a few days to edit and publish the video.

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