Learn Speaking English Fluently and Correctly

Learn Speaking English

With this article penned by Harish Desai, you can learn Speaking English in a fluent and correct manner. It is not a tough task, just requires hard work!

With intent to compete with the global world, our politicians opened the country to foreign participation in the year 1991. Policy changes were made to invite foreign participation in the business environment. This is what we call liberalization, privatization and globalization.

The main objective of this effort was to make India one of the fastest developing economies of the world as compared to the first world countries. This would also enable Indian companies to compete with organizations doing business in more than one country.

English was the commonly followed language of business in all these companies. Therefore, it became imperative for the staff of Indian companies to improve their English skills.

This article talks about how you can learn to speak fluent and correct English. It is a general perception among people that English is a difficult language to learn. However, they lack knowledge of how English speaking can be improved in terms of fluency and accuracy.

With the right training, learning English as a second language is pure cakewalk. English speaking fluency and accuracy is a skill that each individual who wishes to work in the new business environment, should have in ample proportions. If you follow the methods laid down in this article being able to speak English fluently and accurately will not be difficult.

One error that people make is that they try to learn English grammar in order to speak better English. They do this because they are unaware of the fact that learning English grammar will not help them speak English fluently and accurately.

Knowledge of grammar and comprehension can improve your English writing skills and not English conversation skills. In order to master English conversation, it is necessary to learn conversational English.

So, if you wish to learn to speak English fluently and correctly, it is better to concentrate on learning conversational English rather than memorizing the rules of grammar.

Communication is complete when a speaker delivers a message to his listener and the listener has understood it thoroughly to give him an accurate reply. Now, in order to formulate an accurate reply, it is necessary for the receiver of the message to listen attentively to the speaker.

Therefore, if you wish to speak English fluently and accurately, it is necessary for you to listen to the person talking to you to understand him or her thoroughly so that you can then make a fitting reply to give him. Therefore, listening is a necessary skill to be mastered in order to improve your English fluency and accuracy.

At times, the social circles in which you move also influence the way you speak. For example, I was brought up in a joint family. My parents were not educated.

However, I learnt to speak and write English excellently from childhood because I used to spend a lot of time with my aunty, who was also a student, when I was a kid.

I communicated with her in English so that I could improve my English conversation skills. I have her to thank if you like this article today. She was a catalyst in the process of my learning to speak and write English fluently and accurately.

Like in other languages, English too has its share of slangs and phrases. If you translate these words literally, then you will get confused. If ever you come across such words, you will do better to ask the speaker the meaning of those words and the context in which they have been used.

Moreover, it is always better if you avoid a literal translation of whatever is spoken. Many words in English carry meanings, which are different from their literal meanings. Such words are called as phrases.

These are a set of works used to denote a particular meaning. For example, the words: cup of tea, is used to describe something that one does very well.

Another deterrent for people to speak fluently and accurately is their accent. Indians and some other countries have people who do not have English as a first language, or who do not have English as their mother tongues. These people tend to speak English with a typical regional accent, which comes from their native language.

For example, South Indians in India have a typical accent with which they speak English. If anyone were to hear them speaking, he would know that they come from south India.

Similarly, if people from Gujarat were to speak English, they will speak with a particular accent. This accent deters some people from speaking fluent and accurate English.

If you wish to learn to speak English fluently and accurately, one of the ways of doing so is to keep reading good English articles.

Reading the leading dailies written in English will provide you with excellent vocabulary, which you can use in order to converse in English. You can read an article, highlight the difficult words in it, look into a dictionary to find out the meanings of those words and then you can use them in your conversation.

Vocabulary is the cornerstone of any language and you can improve your vocabulary in this way.  Although, this is a time-consuming method, it is a surefire way to learn to speak fluent and accurate English.

Another way of improving your English conversational skills is to speak with people who are better speakers than you are. You can always ask them to correct you, in case you make mistakes in speaking. As you converse with them, you can slowly and gradually pick up the nuances of the English language and speak better.

Initially, people get intimidated in the presence of others who speak better English. This should be done away with, in the interest of speaking good English. If you are shy or you get intimidated, you will be the loser as then you will not learn the language.

Therefore, be unabashed when conversing with people who know the language better than you do. Thus, leaning to speak English fluently and accurately is not very difficult if you were to follow a proper procedure.

Harish Desai


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