List of Online and Live Courses

We are conducting following Online and Live Courses, Webinars and Workshops. To attend any of course, pre-register and you will be notified when Live Event is Scheduled.

If you are a trainer and can take any courses, do register your profile here and will contact you.


  1. IELTS: Why IETLS is required and who needs to write IELTS
  2. Learn TOEFL at your own pace
  3. Learn PTE at your own pace
  4. Learn SAT at your own pace
  5. Learn GRE at your own pace
  6. Learn OET at your own pace

Finance and Office Management Courses:

  1. Advance Excel for BFSI / Finance Sector

Women-Oriented Training and Workshops:

  1. Effects of COVID-19 On Women Jobs
  2. Excel Training for Women

HR Webinars/Workshops/Courses:

  1. Impact of Covid 19 on Global TA
  2. Managing Workforce post Covid
  3. Handling Retrenchment in Covid 19 impacted companies
  4. Impact of Covid 19 on HSE careers
  5. Safety Measures to be taken by HR Resuming after Covid
  6. Advance Excel for HR Payroll
  7. Impact of covid 19 on Hospitality careers

Language Courses:

  1. Language Japanese N1 / N2
  2. Mandarin: Who all need to learn and why?
  3. Learn French Language Easy Way
  4. Learn Spanish at own pace
  5. Learn Italian and grow your networks

IT- Courses:

  1. Learn Machine Learning (ML) Online
  2. Learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) Online
  3. C Programme Training
  4. C++ Programme Training
  5. Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners
  6. Java in Depth- Become a Java Engineer
  7. Data Structure and Algorithm Training
  8. Python for beginners
  9. Learn Python Programming
  10. Data Science- Visualizing Data and exploring
  11. R programming
  12. Introduction to PHP and MySQL Programming
  13. Learn to Code in Easy Way
  14. How to become a Data Scientist
  15. Best platform to learn various courses with certification
  16. Big Data Hadoop and Spark
  17. Cloud Computing (AWS Certified, Microsoft Azure, Blockchain Developer)
  18. Project Management Professional
  19. Certified Scrum Master
  20. Business Analytics with Excel
  21. CCNA Routing and Switching Certification
  22. CCNP Routing and Switching Certification
  23. Full Stack Web Developer
  24. Automation Testing
  25. SQL Database Training
  26. DevOps Certification Training
  27. Certified Ethical Hacker Training
  28. Cyber Security- Managing Risks in the information age
  29. Certified Information System Auditor
  30. Digital Marketing Specialist/Associate
  31. Advanced Web Analytics
  32. Internet of Things- Business Implications and Opportunities
  33. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  34. Database Design and Database implementation
  35. User Experience (UX) Design Fundamentals
  36. The Introduction to Quantum Computing
  37. Robotics
  38. Become a Product Manager
  39. Salesforce Development Training
  40. Learn HTML and CSS and development the website
  41. PHP Essential Training
  42. Introduction to Scala
  43. Learn to Code with Ruby
  44. Introduction to Typescript
  45. Kotlin Essential Training
  46. R Programming

Self Improvement Courses:

  1. Spoken English and Personality Development Courses
  2. Soft Skills and Aptitude Training
  3. Conversational English- Why we need it and how to improve it

Teachers Training Courses:

  1. Zoom Essentials and Zoom Basic
  2. Zoom Advance
  3. How to make Online Teaching Engaging
  4. How to teach online or Tools of Teaching Online
  5. How to make Classroom Engaging
  6. How to become a Passionate Teacher
  7. How to Discover a Teacher’s potential
  8. Motivation to improve and stay-on
  9. Classroom Management for effective Learning Outcomes
  10. Behavior Management of students
  11. Leadership Quality of Teachers
  12. Stress Management for Teachers
  13. Adding Creativity in Teaching
  14. Time Management for Teachers
  15. Team Work and Teaching
  16. How to make digital course content and sell online
  17. How to create a successful online training course and publish it over an internet
  18. Jolly Phonics Certified Teachers Training
  19. Handwriting Improvement and Speed Writing
  20. Blended Teaching (New normal after COVID-19)
  21. Do’s and Dont’s of Online Teaching
  22. Teaching assessment on online teaching environment
  23. Online Tools and strategies for Virtual Classes

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