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SAT Preparation & The Complete Guide to SAT Exam

This post will be an insight into SAT Exam preparation, its eligibility and its importance.

Why appear for SAT Exam and why is SAT preparation important?

As the nation’s most widely used college admission test , the SAT Exam is the first step towards higher education for student of all backgrounds. It’s taken by more than two million students every year and is accepted by virtually all colleges and universities. The full form of SAT is scholastic Aptitude Test. Here, we will discuss about SAT Exam and SAT preparation strategies.

There are many reasons to take the SAT Test, but here are a few of biggies:


The SAT tests the reading , writing and math skills that you learn in school and that are critical for success in college and beyond .

It gives both you and colleges a sence of how you’ll be able to apply the thinking , witing and study skills required for college course work .


The questions in SAT Exams are rigorously researched and tested to make sure students from all backgrounds have an equal chance to do well in SAT Exam.

The SAT test is straightforward. There are no tricks designed to trip you up. Students who do well in the classroom are often the same ones who will do well on the SAT Exam too.


The SAT Exam also provides the opportunity for you to connect to scholarship opportunities, place out of certain  college courses and learn more about your academic  strengths.


SAT Test scores are among the factors considered in college admission. Many schools websites share the range of SAT scores reported by their admitted students. You can also  find this information in college search. This valuable information allows you to research which colleges to apply.


The 21st century global economy is fast-paced and changeable. You’ll need a new set of skills –and a habit of lifelong  learning –to flourish in this information age.

The best way to succeed and thrive as an adult is to challenge yourself to rise to a high level of academic excellence now. You’ll do that best by taking challenging high school courses working hard in them.

The SAT provides a trusted, globally recognized indicator of your academic readiness for college. In a way the SAT Test is bridge between the hard work you have already done and the college that is best fit for the future you are about to create.

What are eligibility criteria to appear for SAT Exam?

There is no defined eligibility for the SAT exam . However, it is expected that you have high school education to be eligible for the exam. For example you can appear for the SAT test even if you are a home-schooled student.

Although there is no age eligibility, most students appear for the test in their junior or senior year at school. There are certain identification provisions that are required for the SAT exam. For example, you will need to carry acceptable photo identification to the test center, failing which you will not be allowed to take the SAT exam:

  • School identification card
  • Student ID form
  • Government issued ID
  • Driver’s license

Candidates who are above the age of 21 years are considered as adult test takers. If you are 21 years on the day of the SAT test you will need to carry your national ID that has your photograph, to the SAT test center, no other ID is accepted at the SAT test center. Also the SAT exam is limited to adult test takers.

For example , if you are above 21, you cannot opt  for the stand by registration nor can you request for test changes of any kind .

SAT Preparation Tips

Your eligibility for the exam is considered even if you are a home–schooled student. If you are Home-schooled candidates you will need to download and take a printout of the student ID form from the college-board website HERE and get it validated from a notary.

As far as grades or marks are concerned, there is no defined minimum percentage that you need to secure for eligibility for the SAT exam.

However colleges do consider your school grades in addition to your SAT exam scores and other criteria. Thus, you must ensure that you work hard to achieve good grades at school to have an advantage over other applicants.

The SAT test is open to students from all backgrounds because there is no eligibility for the SAT exam. As a result, there is a variety of aspiring students for this SAT exam and the competition to gain admission into a good college is getting tougher by the day .

Thus, you must ensure that you are well prepared to  achieve high scores in the exam. In addition, you also need to have a good academic record and be engaged in sports and extracurricular activities all these factors will propel you towards gaining admission to a good college.

What are strategies to prepare for SAT Test?


SAT Exam Practice Test

Nothing can prepare you for the SAT Test like actually taking the test, block out the window of time every 1-2 weeks to take a full-length, timed practice SAT test. Not only will this help you keep track of your progress, but it’ll also help increase your test taking “endurance”.

Sitting through a 3 hours and 45 minute SAT exam is grueling and you don’t want SATtest-day to be the first time you’ve taken the SAT full exam under time pressure. It’s important to learn strategies to deal with test exhaustion and to figure out how to pace yourself.

After taking each SAT practice test, evaluate your performance and focus your subsequent prep work on your weakest areas. You also will become familiar with the various sections of the SAT test, as well their structures and the instructions that introduce each section.

Already knowing what to expect will give you a precious few extra minutes to spend actually answering questions.

SAT Exam Test Structure


Here we are highlighting SAT Preparation strategy. With the exception of the critical SAT reading section, question on the SAT Test are in ascending order of difficulty. This means that questions at the beginning of a section are easier than those at the end.

So you should not spend equal amount of the on every SAT question. The question at the beginning of each section should be easily and quickly answered, allowing you to save up time to devote to the harder question at the end.

And even though the critical reading questions aren’t arranged in order in order of difficulty, there are still important strategies to master in the SAT Reading section.

For example, you should answer detail-oriented question first, saving general questions about the passage for the end .

SAT preparation of Vacabulary


In addition to taking SAT practice tests, you should also practice reading articles on unfamiliar subject matters before the SAT test. Read a few paragraphs then stop and try to identify the author’s argument.

This will help you on the SAT reading comprehension passages which will almost be about strange subject matter. Look up any words you don’t know as you read, too…. Which leads us to number 4!


The SAT Test is not the scripps-howard national spelling bee. You don’t have to cram every word from the dictionary into your head. But studying vocabulary is really easy way to increase your SAT score, especially if you study smart.

SAT preparation and usefulness of Calculator


Your teachers in school may sing the praises of “mental math” but on the SAT Test, your calculator is best friend. It’ll save your time and help prevent against careless errors, why wouldn’t you use it. Practice using calculator.


While the SAT Test will give you some geometry formulas at the beginning of the test, you should still memorize all these formulas and others  before test day.

We hope that you have clarified most of the SAT Preparation strategies and structure of the SAT Exam. Still wish to know more, write to us at [email protected]

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