Parenting Advice: Should Private Tutoring be Forced Upon?

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This article by Pratyasha Ghosh delves into basic parenting advice of forcefully inflicting private tutoring upon kids.

The child-parent dichotomy is a subject that has been discussed for generations but has come under the limelight only with recent developments in education, media hype doing the rest. The question of right or wrong choices or good or bad decisions is precisely that- a question and thus a source of confusion.

When it comes to decision making, trust me, parents are equally confused, only their life experiences giving them one point extra. However, the fact is that your parents could not prevent you from making all those bad decisions and neither can you to so for your child.

This brings us to our topic of discussion- can you as apparent decide whether your child needs private tuitions or can the child retain some of his democratic rights?

The world isn’t black and white, thus the answer to the above mentioned question is rather a complicated one.  Education isn’t simple these days and private tuitions are a definite boost to the curriculum.

Let’s face it, student population is on the rise continuously and school teachers can hardly manage to give your child that extra attention he desperately needs. Having said that, leaning cannot be done under force. If your child is uncooperative to private tutoring, it won’t benefit either of you.

As a parent it is your responsibility to understand your child’s requirements. See if he/she really needs private tutoring and don’t just shove him into it for the heck of it or to make a social statement that you actually care.

If the child is doing just fine on his own, let him have the tuition period as an extra time to do whatever he wants. Such children would find the extra study time a hindrance and might actually have a negative reaction which you obviously would not want.

However, if he genuinely needs extra help you must make sure he gets it. The parents here have a huge responsibility- that of ensuring what their children need. Once you’ve figured that out, the next step would be to see to it that what they need is what they want.

Forcing is not an option and you need to convince them that a tutor will benefit him. Try simple tricks like “Oh! All your friends go there and they have a lovely time.” Or “He’s going to teach you how rockets fly and why fish live in water.” Once his curiosity is raised, he will want to explore, it’s a child’s basic instinct.

Moral of the story is cooperation. Parents must remember no matter how correct they think they are, the child is an individual and must be allowed to make his own decisions or until he is capable of sensibly doing so, he must be led into believing that.

With increasing completion as well as more subjects to study, most people do require private tuitions. Instead of forcing the child though, the parent should sit down and have a healthy discussion, generating his/her interest and giving the desired support and push as and when required.

Pratyasha Ghosh

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