Statement of Purpose Engineering Examples: Civil Engineer

Statement of Purpose Engineering

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Engineering field is the legacy which has been forwarded to me by my Grandfather who acquired success to become an efficient engineer out of a number of hardships. My attentiveness in the field of Civil Engineering rose because of my father, sharing his day-to-day work experience and various developments required for the society, as an Executive engineer in MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.).

In the first year of my Diploma course I was familiarized to the basic mechanics, design, environment etc. which I started enjoying thoroughly; consequently, I decided to go in for Environmental Engineering as my major in engineering.

Although my undergraduate studies acquainted me with the basic concepts of Environment engineering, but yet, the fundamental knowledge of how such large quantity of waste and hazardous materials are effectively managed by organizations has always fascinated me.

I have also experienced the various glitches encountered by people concerning environmental impacts such as sewage disposal, solid waste management, recycling of plastic and other hazardous substances, Air-water-soil pollution, which is one of the major crises and requires an effective management of disposal, are some of the major factors that provoke me to proceed with environment as my major field.

While I was pursuing Diploma in Project planning and management, environment has always been my strength because I always enjoyed exploring about it. While I began studying this subject, I recognized that there is indeed a great necessity for me to expand my awareness in this subject and I could also perceive a comprehensive scope in this field.

My classmates used to seek assistance from me in their studies covering various topics such as designs, environment, etc viagra a paris. as they found it tranquil to solve word problems, but struggled when it came to understanding theory concepts.  They said, “You helped us a lot and taught us the concept of theory studying which made us solve and interpret questions more effectively”. When I proceeded to my graduate college I acquired an opportunity to study this subject in more meticulous manner and had graduated with flying colours.

I have completed my final year project on the topic of environment itself namely “Water Utility System for Sarswati college of engineering” (Both grey and rain water), the project was undertaken for my graduate college and the faculties were so mesmerized by my work that they had recommended to put the project to use as it was cost efficient, very eco-friendly and durable.

I also prepared a power point presentation on the project topic which was incalculably appreciated by the staff and was also brought up in the list which were first hand projects, that is, it was taken up for the first time and  both the principal and the HOD(Head of department of civil engineering) gave regards and appreciated the work.

The reason why I believe that Masters Study in a reputed department, like yours, is imperative since the goal I am obliged to achieve requires a modus operandi such as yours. Firstly, working for a branch like Environment engineering which is indeed a subject with massive scope and immense knowledge which requires appropriate and efficient guidance.

A person possessing quality knowledge on the topic of environment is required and this purpose of mine is fulfilled under your University standards. Secondly, the rudimentary knowledge that I possess concerning environment is very strong and basically I have developed this along the course of my education. Field visits, experimentation in labs, reading blogs and books about environment have enhanced my visions towards betterment of the environment.

There is undeniably a lot to learn for me in this world and let this be my ways and means towards success in making the world a better place for each and every individual of this planet. I firmly believe that with proper guidance and assistance I can achieve my desired goals and make the university and my family proud and typically I would love to protect and maintain the ecological balance in the nature.

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