Statement of Purpose for Medical Studies or Medicine

Statement of Purpose Medicine

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My fascination for Medical science has not developed in a day or two rather I am considerate to become——-And the seed to become ———was seeded during my formative years. I vaguely remember how inadequate health education caused my grandmother succumbed to chronic renal failure. After seeing many more patients in similar plight, I realized how grievous the matter is. During my school days I came across the concept of prevention of disease which further sparked me to do something for the betterment of the ailing society. I have a great admiration for this profession and see the medical personnel as angels who resurrect the one who has lost all hopes to survive and that’s why I am obstinate to choose this respectable field as my career preference.

I sensed my dream transforming into reality when I was successful in getting admission in a medical school (Dr.D Y Patil Medical College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai).Though it was just a beginning to a journey which was long headed; giving a lucid idea of doing something for public health awareness. During this I came across the magnitude of medical knowledge which could not satisfy my carving to serve humanity. Meanwhile, in the third year I came across ‘Community Medicine’ a subject so unique and befitting for practical approach. It set my inclination towards public health management; the way, how planning and policy making can help to prevent a simple infectious disease. If we could spread awareness on this, each one of us could be on the healthier and safer edge.

Further polishing in this field was attained during my internship days when I learnt about the clinical trials and case studies. It showed how the genesis of disorder, risk factors and management were interlinked. The example was set by my experience during case study of psychiatry patients and family education and support along with the use of newer and safer technologies, drugs and research. My participation in mega health check-up left imprints of how much more we need to accomplish in general public awareness and management. For me, medicines showed a failure because of high cost of minor and essential surgeries, maternal malnutrition resulting in low birth weight neonate; a case like tuberculosis disease needed a far wider and scrutinized approach in preference to just serving the elitist orientation of medicine.

I am familiar that subjective statistics is by explanation questionable, I however have an adequate amount of personal and ancestral involvement through ailment which causes me to be strong supporter of the power of alternate treatments to melodramatically recover publics’ health. Old foreign drug undoubtedly has its place; nevertheless a person’s role in keenly handling his own wellbeing is undeniable. By advancing my expertise in the programme of public health management, I shall be able to learn more about the noble virtue of health administration and management. This programme will set a milestone to my journey and benefit me explore new health opportunities for tackling key constraints to development and research.

There is a great impetus of health development in your country and I have always been yearning to study at your academy with world class amenity and education. The highly developed and sophisticated methodology for teaching urged me to choose your distinguished university. The multidisciplinary programme provided here shall help to chisel my knowledge and experience.

To get admission in your prestigious university shall be a turning point in my life. I assure you that I will prove to be a beneficial and worthy intellectual to your university. Looking forward to get admission and meet the honourable faculty members and a chance to get the best of my career.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this statement of purpose. The only thing that I didn’t really understand was writing this quote – KNOWLEDGE IS A VAST OCEAN, THE MORE YOU IMBIBE THE LESS IT SEEMS – at the beginning of a statement of purpose. It sounds even better without it though it’s only my opinion.
    I like how this statement of purpose actually shows purpose. Great job!

    Lucy Jasper

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