Statement of Purpose for Networking Purposes

Statement of Purpose

The post has been contributed by Aparna Sakhare and are different examples of Statement of Purpose Engineering Students of different sub disciplines.

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“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

I have experienced that the above maxim has always worked for me.

Right from the formative years of my life I had an inherent liking and curiosity in discovering how things work. This trait found me dismantling and pulling apart anything I would lay my hands on, may it be gizmos or electronic gadgets, without bothering about the outcome. Consequently, I developed a natural liking in physics, during my schooling, and thus decided to pursue my career by opting for the same for my 11th and 12th.

The concepts started getting clearer as I related it to the actual world around me. I would like to share an incident which incredibly boosted my confidence and this took place during my practical paper in the final examinations of 12th. Among the scores of experiments that one could be asked for in the exam, was the much dreaded question on ‘Potentiometer’, which, as fate would have it, from among the 60 students who took the paper, fell upon me to answer. After the initial paranoia, the trait of inquisitiveness in me took over, and forgetting everything, I was immersed in the problem at hand, and much to the chagrin of my classmates, scored a 30/30 in the paper.

I joined Pillai institute of information technology (affiliated to University of Mumbai), with Electronics as major, and developed fondness for hardware, wondering about the breath-taking technology behind chips, PCBs and other amazing array of electronic devices and creations. In semester 5 of Engineering I made a project on  “How to create custom characters on 16×2 LCD using 8051 microcontroller ” which gave me in-depth knowledge of on-floor planning i.e. how to convert a circuit diagram into PCB layout and how to etch and solder devices” and also learned how to burn a code in printed circuit board. During this phase I learned that a chip is an integration of both software and hardware. My hunt in hardware continued further.  In the final year my interest grew in the subject “Data and communication networks.  Delving deep in to the subject I found that the communications worldwide hinged around networking technology in computers. I further researched on CISCO switches routers and firewall. I was assigned a project on “Analysis for system security authentication”, in which I blended the concept of authentication of image by the security principles used in certificates assigned to the routers for public and private keys. This further led me to present a technical paper on “Watermarking for analysis & authentication of image to provide system security” at the International Conference on Electronics Engineering and grid system-2013 held on April 21, 2013 at Mumbai.

I may add that I am a firm believer in grooming myself in to a well-rounded personality developing my social and interpersonal skills along with honing my technical prowess. In keeping with this, while I participated actively in “Workshop on Mobile making “and also ” understanding of Android Operating System” organized by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, I took part in cultural festivals organized by our college and won prizes in dancing. I have also taken to long distance running of late. I took part in Half-Marathon and successfully completed the same in July 2014. In January 2015 I was a successful finisher in the full Marathon organized by the Standard Chartered.

After completion of Engineering I joined a training institute, where I got on the job training on CISCO router, switches, firewall and IPS. I got to learn many routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF and EIGRP, in addition to Security technologies like VPN, Encrypting passwords, assigning security levels and also applying security policies to firewall (ASA and Checkpoint). I have also taken written exam on “CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert in Security” and certified myself globally by clearing “Checkpoint Certified System Administrator”

My yearning in the intricate technology involved in Networking has not abated, in that I am yet to have knowledge in deeper issues and expand my horizon in wireless technology .American universities are well established and renowned for their quality of teaching and research. I am fervent to pursue my masters in USA since it has one of the finest education systems, with excellent programs across all disciplines. Not to mention employers around the world respect degrees and certification from US institutions. Apart from academic point of view, I would love to experience the different cultures wherein I would have the opportunity of getting exposed at University.

Your esteemed University would provide me to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Networks and further provide the right environment for further research in the field of Networking.

I wishI wish to excel in my field of interest with the intention of building my professional credentials with every course and future assignment I take. I am sure  that a dedicated study in Computer network will enable me to aggregate all my  knowledge and experience and also let  me in achieve  my goal. I look forward to the opportunity to pursue a Master’s Degree in your reputed University.