Study Planning Tips- 23 Vital Steps

  1. Failing to plan is often said as planning to fail. Plan every minute (small) details. Such as when to study which subject, how much time for theory, how many practical exercises to solve for a particular topic, etc
  2. Study area is important – Select a silent and peaceful location at home for study – It may be a small table and chair or even bed
  3. Make a time-table – to start with make 15 day plan and then gradually make plan till exams
  4. ABC Analysis – Chalk out ABC Plan for all subjects i.e. small topics which has minimum coverage but shall easily fetch you 10-15 marks – complete first and later on move to larger topics
  5. Know your subjects – Review exam pattern and scanner for last 6 terms. This shall give an idea on the frequently asked topics.
  6. Monitor, monitor, again monitor – Monitor the time table – review planned vs. Achieved
  7. Revise the plan if it doesn’t work  – After 3 days of monitoring the plan see if the plan is realistic
  8. Pace up studies gradually – Don’t take a target of 8 hours of study a day. Start with 2 hours and gradually increase 
  9. Concentration Exercise – Do some breathing exercise of 5 minutes before starting study. This brings mind at peace. Drink some water. This improves blood circulation to brain and helps to concentrate.
  10. No Distractions Please – Remove any distraction from study area such as mobile phones, pictures, toys, gaming gazettes. Keep minimum things i.e. book, note copy, pencil/pens, etc. Everything can wait.
  11. Make small notes for theory subjects – This shall become your last minute revision notes
  12. Hey think positive – Be confident about studies and have positive thoughts
  13. Break to banta hain na!! – Take break of 5-10 minutes every 2 hours
  14. Who are you –   Select particular time for theory and practical subjects. Choose time for theory when you have the most peaceful mind with no distractions like early morning and late night
  15. Read when  you get time – Download theory and scanners, Practice Manuals in your mobile. Read when-ever you get time. Every second counts… Make the most of it.
  16. Shut your ears – Don’t listen to others on studies such as how many hours they study, what all they have completed. It’s your exam and you have to fight it out. Gyans shall not help, you need to study to pass exams.
  17. Reference Books are important – Select one book and don’t change in between. See your comfort. Each person has their own comfort fore choice of notes/books depending on understanding, language, topics covered. Even fonts and pictures makes a difference
  18. Understand and don’t mug up – Never rush to memorise any topic. Mugging won’t help. Understand the topic. Make a plain reading of the chapter instead of piece-meal topics.
  19. Make early decision – Decide on the Groups you wish to appear. Don’t make last minute change. This may create panic situation and affect your preparations
  20. Revision/crash batch helps – Join some face to face crash batch (2 day revision batch/1 day batch or even a 10 day crash batch). This actually help you to revise fast.
  21. Nothing better than match practice – When you solve practical, solve as if you are solving in exam condition. Solve with proper tables, marking with pencil, etc. If you are preparing balance sheet or P&L don’t use “T-Format” write all schedules and entries in Assets and liabilities properly. You cant expect to directly achieve perfection in exam condition unless you practice it in advance.
  22. Appear for exams before exam – Solve some papers in exam condition with a clock or timer and see your timing. If exam is for 180 minutes, while solving test paper target to solve with all formats, proper markings in 165 minutes.
  23. Reward is amazing, awesome, fantastic and life changing – Last but not the least, remember the effort is worth taking and is often life changing. It has changed my life and surely does for everyone. 

So happy planning and studying!!!

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