Teachers Community Chapter

What is TCC-Teachers Community Chapter?

We are looking to start a Teachers Community Chapter (TCC). 
TCC is going to be Grass-root level organizations that support Teachers and Educators.
TCC is going to be an ecosystem for Teachers. 

TCC is looking for Volunteers

The broad idea is to have an organization for Teachers which looks into the overall development of the Teachers and Educators community. 

To compare TCC there is no parallel (but something in line with the Rotary Club or Lions Club of Teachers)

We are in the process of forming Core Team Members to work on the ideas of TCC. Initially planning to have 15-20 Core Members to start the Pilot program. Once details are finalized, it will be launched for All.

Why to start TCC?

During Pandemic, we have experimented with Teachers Training and in less than 4 months, we are getting Inquiries to conduct Teachers Training on several different programs from all across India. And, we do not have enough bandwidth to conduct all programs/events.

What we realized there is a need for Teachers Training and overall development of the Teachers community. Doing on a profitable basis is not a viable option as Teachers are going through one of the best times and the worst times, depending upon the organization and the company they belong to. Most of the trainers who have come forward are from this small community itself. 

So, the idea is to give a decentralized approach and provide powers in the hands of each teacher to identify their development needs and every teacher becomes a partner for their overall development through Teachers’ Community.

Broad agenda of TCC will be as under:

  1. Organizing/Conducting Teachers Training Program for Teachers in Each City/State
  2. Identifying Opportunities and Challenges of Teachers for each city/state
  3. Providing Platform to Teachers at the local level to discuss and collaborate with other teachers
  4. Developing Teachers’ community at the local level to discuss and engage with other teachers to find solutions.

Initial Structure of TCC will be as under:

1. 2-3 Members will lead each City or State having 100+ Teachers, as a Chapter Head. E.g. Mumbai Chapter Head, Kolkata Chapter Head, so on and so forth.

2. Organizing at least 1-2 meeting every month (currently Virtual and later Physical Meeting)

What we are looking for?

  1. A Teacher-leader who can take initiative and enroll teacher-members from their City/Regions.
  2. Teachers who are looking to devote approx. 8-10 Hours per week developing and fine-tuning ideas into actions.
  3. It’s a Voluntary Work, so initially, there will be no Salary or Honorarium. Later on, we have to explore possibilities to adequately compensate Volunteers for their Time and Effort.

Why to Volunteer for TCC?

  1. Volunteers will get opportunities to interact with a large network of teachers.
  2. Volunteers are going to develop leadership qualities and will be able to build high self-esteem
  3. Volunteers will grow to become future leaders and role-models for other teachers/educators
  4. Volunteers will be a “Happy” and “Satisfied” Person, as sometimes working for a “Cause” brings more happiness and satisfaction

If you want to Volunteer, please fill Volunteer Registration Form



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