Teaching Profession: Is it More Stressful?

All jobs have a range of stress. Teaching profession is not alien to such stresses of life.

There are times when they are extremely stressful and other times when they are extremely stressful and other times when they are less so. Teaching fluctuates as well.During breaks; it is much less stressful than other jobs .At other times mush more so. It’s a hard job to “average out”.

I would point out a couple of things about teaching. First of all, many people still have jobs that they don’t take home.”Teaching is ongoing, and there is always more that you could be doing.

Research has shown that along with serviceman, social workers and linguists, teachers have surfaced at the start of the new millennium as the most afflicted with rising stress. Most alarming is that 30% of all novice teachers are leaving the profession. Annual teacher turnover is higher.

I totally agree with this statement, yes teaching is a stressful profession than other. Recently I interviewed a school teacher after interview I can attest to the fact that most teacher not only work 12 hour days, but they wear 12 different hats, so to speak.

They are curriculum developers, disciplinarians, instructors, councilors, parents, policeman, actors, friends and so much more to their kids. Some people might think that race car drivers, firefighters have stressful jobs, but that’s a totally different kind of stress whereas with teachers, a lot of what we do deals with emotions.

Emotional stress just kills you; by the end of the day they feel like they have been run over by a truck. Also teachers are given more work than they can possibly do, which is bound to be frustrating.

Most people get into education to make a difference, but they are bogged down by paper work, legislation, high workloads, and people who just don’t care. It is very difficult to get people to change, which is what teaching is often about.

Sometimes they feel like they just continually running full speed into a wall. True, teaching can sometimes be rewarding, but those rewards are few and far between.

I know that I just sound like another embittered educator, but there’s a reason so many teachers are bitter. They are asked to do the impossible and then we are criticized for their efforts.

We are threatened, abused, mistreated, derided, and overworked, yet the public still somehow sees us as lazy and incompetent. What we are really seeing are the effects of a society where everyone else is to blame but them.

If child isn’t learning , is it more likely to be because you never read them when they was younger, never took the time to properly discipline them,and them watch TV 8 hours a day, or is it because their  teacher is out to get them?

Everyone wants to blame the teacher, when they are doing everything they can to help our students. The amount of pressure that they are under is enormous. No wonder there is such a high turnover rate in this profession.

Sushma Das


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