Top 11 Tips for GATE Exam Preparation


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering i.e. the GATE Exam is one of top level competitive exams in India, which is organized under Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) department.

The purpose of GATE exam is to pursue post graduate courses in engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), NITs and also avails you to acquire Assistantship in Engineering, Architecture and Science and other Scholarships. Nowadays the GATE score obtained by the candidate is also used as a gateway in Public Sector Units recruitment.

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore conducts the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE 2016).The exam schedule has been announced for the period of one week from January 30 to February 7, 2016.

Every year about 8 to 10 lakhs candidates appear for GATE exam. When huge number of candidates shots in a single trajectory, then the possibility of scoring becomes multifaceted.

Most ofcandidate’s who appear for the first time considers GATE exam is similar to other common competitive exams. Since GATE exam has quite unique ideology of syllabus and patterns.

Looking into practical aspect a serious preparation and strong core knowledge is very important to crack GATE exam. Now pop up this question, how to make crispy GATE exam preparation?

To help you with best and easy strategies of GATE exam we have listed up top 11 traits of GATE preparation tips.

  1. Know your competence

Before beginning your preparation it is important to know your competence level. Hence examine your performance level toknow about yourstrength and weakness. Moreover this will help you to devise your own strategy.

  1. The resource selection

Make an extensive search to select your study materials and books for initial stage of GATE preparation.Travelin your preparation with intention to cover all topics. Collect previous year question papers and model papers for practice before proceeding.

  1. Improve aptitude skills

Gate exam tests candidate’s aptitude level in all outlooks including basic concepts and mathematical skills are required for the preparation. Most of candidates spend less time in general ability section; unfortunately aptitude partcovers 15 percent of total marks.So practice more on aptitude problems.

  1. Study orderly

In each subject study the topics one by one in orderly manner and then switch over to next subjects. After finishing each topic try to work out the problems and simultaneously balance your time, speed and accuracy. This will help you to remember concepts readily and quickly.

  1. Take revision notes

Be aware that GATE exam is about 80 percent of numerical basis. Therefore make some study notes on whatever you feel difficult to remember as well make a list of important formulae to recall at the edge of exam.

  1. Tryout group study

Group study is one of best way of preparation for GATE exam. Allocate separate portions to your friend and you focus on some other. Then have a detailed discussion on what you studied. It effectively saves your time and improves better understanding too.

  1. Take mock test

Take numerous mock tests, until your score reachesthe average level. Later based on your mock test tune your preparation tactics and to know-how GATE exam utilize online platforms for complete analysis and mock test posologie viagra 25mg.

  1. Ensure non-stop practice

Once you boarded the GATE exam preparation do not stop it anywhere in between. The continuous practice is a key to success in GATE exam. The continuous touch will increase curiosity in learning.

  1. Give equal weightage

Never ignore any sections from syllabuswherein GATE is comprised of General Ability (15%), Engineering Mathematics (15%), and Core Engineering subjects (70%) gradually it may have slight variations. Give equal importance to all subjects and prepare accordingly.

  1. Follow Time Management

Time management is a basic key factor in GATE Exam preparation. The Exam portion will be bit huge therefore allocate proper time plans and follow according to your work time.

  1. Avoid Stress and be optimistic

Avoid unnecessary tensions or anything that disturbs your preparation. Be relaxed and don’t catch panic mood, otherwise it may led you to make mistakes instead. Set your mind with optimistic ideas to wash out fears.Besides maintain your diet and keep yourself healthy.

All the best for your preparation!

Dani Disossa

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  1. Mock tests help students by giving an opportunity to revise the syllabus well before the real examinations.
    Examination is a pressure situation, and if one has already been through such pressure situations by way of mock examinations it is much easier in real examination. One of the best Gate Mock Tests is

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