English Tips: Tricks for Learning Speaking and Writing

Some Basic English Tips

This article has been penned by Vandana Chawla and talks about some basic English tips for speaking and writing skills.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul”. The golden rule to any language is to talk just the way you would write it. English language is like work in progress.

It has always bloomed and crossed national boundaries turning it into the greatest international link language. Social or biological milieu is always dynamic.

So, one must keep changing oneself according to changing circumstances. When it comes to learn English, It requires an extensive study of grammar and its limitations.

Spoken English is pretty relaxing and fluency can be gained through simple tricks.

Do not dive into the deepest end of grammar: Out of 100 people speaking fluent English only 20 people are aware of correct grammatical tools and how to use them.

It’s not necessary to learn grammatical rules while learning English. It can leave you confounded and create chaos in your mind. A good speaker is a good listener. If you start creating your own sentences with grammar.

You would lose the conversation as the whole time you would be thinking only to frame a particular sentence which would mess up everything. Listening to the language helps. Half of the answer is in the question itself

Do you drink tea?    –   Yes, I drink tea.

Does he play football?    – Yes, he does.

To draw out a normal conversation requires presence of mind and listening carefully.

Do tenses haunt you? : Most of the people give up the dream of learning English as they find it difficult to grasp the rules of tenses. Tenses only define the timeline of action.

You don’t need tenses to define your way of learning. It’s a petty thing and most importantly, you speak in English only when you think in English. You may mistake a lot and make a fool of yourself but where the fun in learning is!

Look and find English around yourself: Start watching English shows, T.V serials, movies. Read English Newspapers, blogs, books, novels etc… In leisure time.

The more you read is the more you learn. English is never ending. Devote yourself to English. Start conversing in English with people around you and let the time change you.

Keep a diary: A word per day can change you inside out. Keep a diary with yourself and whenever you see a new word popping out. Find its meaning and scribble it down.

Keep memorising it overtime. Learn and use normal phrases and chunks of words like get away, peep in, run away etc. You might not be able to learn a thousand phrases but a single phrase can let you frame hundreds of words.

Don’t give up: People find English language very weird and peculiar. For ex: plural of house is houses but plural of mouse is mice.

People find it confusing and drop the idea of learning it by heart. Whenever you commit a mistake never say that “I don’t know English”, always say “I am learning English”.

A simple set of rules and a positive attitude is enough to get you along with it. Be positive and be patient. Nothing turns out fortunate in a fortnight. Do you know the best part about learning?

“The more you learn, the more you find out how little you know.”

English is not tough or weird. It’s a creation itself.

Vandana Chawla


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