Private Tutors and Holding Educational Degrees and Certificates

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The teaching sector today is a huge body, having gained much importance in recent times; not that it was not given importance earlier, but today teaching is a specialized job that requires much training. Here is some basic tutor advice.

As far as educational degree of private tutors is concerned, it would definitely be an excellent addition to any tutor’s skills however the necessity of such a degree is debatable.

Private tuitions are a relatively new phenomenon having developed in the past few decades due to increasing competition and student population.

Under such circumstances it becomes crucial to formulate certain must haves as regards the tutor such as educational degrees. It is not necessary for every subject specialist to be a good teacher.

Teaching is a job that requires a special set of skills if not talent. On the other hand, even naturally talented teachers need to hone their skills. Some gain it through experience, others through training.

Strictly speaking keeping in view the tutor’s interests, training oneself in the business would be the preferred option as this will ensure optimal utilization of time as well as a formal knowledge. In order to understand the need of an educational degree in teaching we must first delve into the benefits of such a course.

A B.Ed(Bachelor of Education) or an M.Ed(Master of Education) is not just simple classroom training but a detailed guide to the technical aspects of teaching such as lesson plans, child psychology, problem solving skills,  bringing the subject down to the student’s level, etc. skills of great importance to both a private tutor as well as a school teacher.

Most private tutors who do not undertake such courses usually take years to learn these skills and build a reputation. A trained one on the other hand will be prepared from the very beginning to face common challenges that come with the job and not depend on experience to teach them.

A tutor holding a certificate of training will be able to establish a symbiotic relationship with his students. While his training will result in a holistic development of the child, the degree will also rightly attract more students much to his benefit and he will be able to widen his spectrum.

Despite the growing need for education to educate, most private tutors neglect it, considering it as only an additional qualification which only professional school teachers require.

They fail to realize that they are professionals too. Globalization has created an urgent necessity for specialization by increasing competition to aid the utilization of the opportunities it provides if only for economic benefits.

All in all, private tutors certainly do require professional courses and an educational degree to prove it, despite claims made otherwise.

A growing awareness needs to be spread regarding the issue as such an enterprise will definitely result in education of the new generation reaching new heights, faint beginnings of which has already been made.

Pratyasha Ghosh

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  1. I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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