JOB POST @ Web Developer; Apply Now!

Hey there tech gurus!

We need some amazing applications to fill in the immediate requirement of Web Developer job post in our start up.

Are you awesome at what you do?
Does designing and illustrating make you happy?
Are you a wiz web developing and site making?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding YES then read ahead and get acquainted with the basic nitty gritties of the job profile!

Technical Requirements

  • A degree in Web/UI/UX/Graphic Design or related majors- put your best foot forward!
  • Guru in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator – we need some awesome creativity!
  • Experience with HTML5/HTML, CSS3/CSS, JavaScript, SQL,or other related languages – a definite requirement!
  • Exemplary verbal, presentation, and written communication skills – now that is going to be a tough one!

Our Expectations from You

We do not demand a lot- being a start up, we understand where you come from as we have been on the other side of the table, too. But here are a few basics:

  • High on creative energy- we need some who loves to create at high speed.
  • Loves to stay wired- Someone who actively explores web, print media, world around etc to see prevailing trends in color, schemes, patterns, styles, formats, animation, fonts, designs etc. Come up with List of New Suggestions every weekend for enhancing Visual Appeal, Interaction Design & Overall Customer Experience. Basically someone who constantly strives to get better and better.
  • Receives critical feedback with an open mind- Looks at criticism as an opportunity for improvement or rectification. Afterall, we need to be the best and that honestly requires some thorough work!
  • Appreciates & gets inspired by nicer work or websites Should be keen on improving his/ her work based on examples of nicer work by others and not feel threatened. Evolution and improvement is a part of life, right?
  • Takes suggestions as creative challenges and not as annoying intrusions. As said before, we need plain awesomeness at all levels!
  • Ready to ‘do’ and ‘undo’ as per suggestions made- Untroubled by constant pointing- out in order to drive & achieve ultimate perfection. Perfection comes after trial and error, it is a fact of life!
  • Has inherent passion to produce best in class art or work- Feels restless unless best is achieved. Gives great attention to details. No explanation needed here.
  • Manages ambiguity in directions- Unfazed by not-so-clear and conflicting business demands. Tries on his own to figure or make sense out of disparate pieces of information. Nothing is served on a silver platter, we believe in hard work and dedication.
  • Foresees and tackles upcoming problems/ issues- We do not need an astrologer but we certainly need a reliable head on your shoulders.
  • Conduct user research, surveys, A/B testing on our products and experiences- Research is the first step towards perfection.
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and manage time effectively
  • Meets job guidelines with enthusiasm- We need cheerful people around us. Research shows that it increases productivity and who are we to challenge these scientists??

Some reporting instructions!

  • Immediate or almost immediate (not more than 45 mins lag) reply to calls,messages and emails. If unable to reply immediately, get in touch within 45 mins. It is important to be in touch throughout this task and in your profile. It boosts productivity and constitutes good work ethics.
  • Start on time. Success is proportional to punctuality.
  • Keep people in-charge updated on your leaves, delay or any other issues that could affect normal course of work. Do not leave us hanging! 
  • Take approval of people in-charge before making a production live.
Sounds like your cup of tea? Something up your alley? A job you promise to give your best to?

Yes? Then you are more than welcome to apply to us and we will get back to you!


Apply through an email along with your resume and cover letter at [email protected] 

Please mention the subject as “Application for Web Developer“. Incomplete or spam applications will not be entertained.

Visit our website HERE.

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