What is the Future of Private Tutoring?

Private Tutoring: What lies ahead?

This article has been penned by Vandana Chawla and delves into the future of private tutoring (one to one) in India as a teaching method. Read on.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Education doesn’t come just through books; it takes a lot more than an experience to educate oneself. It is the sovereign art of a teacher to illuminate the minds of the students but it is the obligation of a student to educate him.

Good education earns you a bright future. In this highly competitive world, parents desire to secure the most holistic and comprehensive education for their children which has given way to private tutoring.

Private tutoring has become a prime method to bolster up traditional learning.  There is a major change in the education sector with the growing prospects and benefits of private tutoring. Impoverished public school curriculums fail to cater the unique needs of every individual student.

According to the estimates, global tutoring industry has experienced an explosive growth in the recent years and combined with the parents desire to educate their children in the best possible manner, it is likely to increase.

The complete school curriculum is complete in combination with private tutoring. Technological revolution is reshaping the education system. Tech-based expansion in education is fuelled by demand for its convenient and inexpensive services.

The burgeoning tutoring industry highspots the inefficient system of education in public schools. Global estimates record 90% of the returns in private tutoring from U.S., Europe and Asia- pacific nations. 13.9% alone comes from Korea itself.  But there are two issues which hamper the growing tutoring industry.

First, budget problem for those who cannot afford  private tutoring and are left astray in the hollow education system and second, it reproduces inequality in  education system because many are not able to pay while some are totally against this practice of tutoring because they think the school is the only habitation of education.

According to student’s perspective, they believe education is sharing because it has no boundaries. The more you learn the more better you become.

Many institutions hire students to teach other students. As the trend is rising and when some are not lucky enough to get them these benefits of tutoring, many organisations and NGO’s have come forward because every child deserves better and effective education.

Vatsalya, in India is one such organisation which imparts education among children and adults in and around the outskirts and rural areas of Jaipur.

The benefits of private tutoring are enormous. Students gain the complete knowledge in the subject field of a particular area. Each child has different capabilities.

Private tutoring helps them to enhance their capabilities in a better direction. Due to inadequate school structures, they can suffer distractions but in private tutoring, the whole focus is on one student only.

A private tutor can focus on his strengths and weaknesses and improve the student wherever he is in a fix as sticks and stones are thrown only to the fruit bearing trees.

With this growing industry which benefits students, teachers, educational institutions, tech- firms and business in general, the future prospects for this sector are going to increase.

Vandana Chawla


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