Tutors in Mumbai: What is to Be Done Before Starting Tuitions?

Tutors in Mumbai : May we have your attention?

Tutors in Mumbai, what do you think needs to be done before you start teaching kids? This article penned by Arundhati Sarkar is an insight into this topic!

As much as it is important for a student and parent to know a tutor before appointing him/her as a private tutor, it becomes equally important for the tutor to know the student as well.

The performance of a student doesn’t depend on the tutor only, it depends on how well the tutor and the student is able to work as a team to achieve certain goals at the end of a certain period of time.

If you are a tutor, you should always consider certain basic things before accepting the offer of teaching. The first meeting with the student is very important.

It helps create a perception and gives a picture of what to be expected and how things are to be delivered. So, at the first meeting, make sure the interaction and discussion helps you know and understand the student better.

Are you wondering what to consider? Here is a list to help you:

  1. Who is your student?

  2. What are the interest areas of your student?

  3. How does your student learns the best (this will help you choose the study methodology)

  4. Which time of the day the student is comfortable in taking private classes

  5. What kind of setting is available for teaching

  6. What resources do you have

  7. Location for the private classes

  8. Time period for the classes

  9. Remunerations

  10. Subject area

Knowing your student is the first agenda. Starting off with which gender is your student and of what age. You should be clear in your mind if you are ready to teach someone of the opposite gender and the same stands for the student.

It is a common human mentality to have assumptions based on gender. But, when it comes to teaching, the assumptions might prove one wrong.

We often make assumptions regarding behaviors, abilities based upon gender. There are strong gender role stereotypes for masculinity and femininity in the society and hence students who do not match them can encounter problems with teachers.

Generally speaking, every student’s maturity, personality and ability will vary with age. So, your approach to a student should not be based on your assumptions.

At the first meeting, the tutor needs to check with the student and the parent, which mode of teaching benefits the student most.

The tutor will have to arrange for teaching aids based on the same. Depending on the setting and resources available, you will have to take further steps to arrange the setting.

Another important factor that needs to be considered before taking up a tuition is, remunerations. You should decide the number of sessions/classes that you will be taking every week or in a month. Based on the classes decide the remuneration and discuss about the same.

And the most crucial thing to be decided is, subject area. Based on core subject areas, you can decide the lesson plan and direction in the selection of texts that are relevant to a particular class.

Above all, be open to criticism. Be a role-model.

Happy Teaching!

Arundhati Sarkar


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