Which is More Effective: Coaching Classes or Private Tuitions?

Which is more effective – Coaching classes or private tuitions?

Coaching Class


Private Tuition

A common question gnawing at the minds of parents of all school-going children is regarding the best choice for private education – private tuitions or coaching classes?

This particular dilemma is very new and was virtually non-existent a few years ago.

The inability of school teachers to either complete the syllabus or help every student to understand the concepts has forced the parents to look for alternative sources of teaching.

But as more and more teachers, under pressure from the school management to perform or face the axe, are unable to teach to their maximal potential, private tutors slowly find an increasing number of students ready to be guided by them.

A few enterprising individuals, usually teachers or tutors themselves, eventually notice this ideal business opportunity and set up a local coaching center.

The coaching center may have been established with honorable intentions in mind. As the institution begins to face success, the reputation builds up. But with the increasing number of students and profit motives at stake, the student-teacher ratio begins to increase again.

Thus begins the vicious cycle all over again.

Hence, there are two critical factors to keep in mind while deciding to send the child to a coaching class or a private tutor:

Student-teacher ratio

  • This is defined as the number of students per teacher. As the ratio decreases, the amount of attention paid by the teachers towards the child increases. It usually translates to the effectiveness of the class. This is the most crucial factor to be considered. The lower the ratio, the better.

Comfort level of the student

  • Not all children are comfortable in a classroom situation or with the teachers. That is why their grades may have dipped in the first place. Admitting a student in a coaching class with a relatively low student-teacher ratio may not guarantee good grades. A student’s comfort levels with the teacher should also be given importance. To focus and guide the student based on the student’s attitude and approach is essential for any teacher.

Coaching centers may seem to be a one-stop solution where all subjects are taught. This is precisely why in most of the coaching classes of high repute, the above-said ratio is higher, and not much importance may be laid upon the students’ comfort level.

Some students may easily understand in whatever surroundings they are in. But many students may find it challenging to adapt to teaching in packed classrooms. For such students, private tuitions may be the best choice.

Private tutors usually teach a handful of students. Hence, the student-teacher ratio is meager, meaning a lot of attention can be paid to each student.

Moreover, as some tutors may even come to teach the student in the student’s home, the student may feel comfortable with the teacher and eventually learn faster than expected. However, there is a catch in case of private tuitions.

Finding a coaching center in the neighborhood is very easy. But finding the right tutor for the child is extremely difficult and requires careful judgment based on several parameters.

In short, choosing between a coaching class and private tuition is not easy. It requires careful consideration of the student’s mentality and student-teacher ratio before selecting the best option.


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