Which test would be easier: IELTS or PTE (Pearson Test Of English)?

Pearson’s test is easier than IELTS primarily because of the following reasons:

  • It is computer based and not hand written
  • Unlike IELTS, there are no ambiguous questions
  • Evaluation is not completely based on human evaluators as in IELTS
  • There are no long passages to comprehend
  • Apart from writing module, all other modules can be managed within the stipulated time

You can also check the below link for more information on the PTE test and comparison with the other tests.

For each test there are many free practice tests. I did the first example question on the PTE test and it was confusing, two answers were virtually exactly the same so I would have to have listened to it again and English is my first language. But it did look easier than the IELTs tests where you had to explain your answers.

A  good strategy in multiple choice is to read the answers before the question. It will help you focus on what they are asking. If you have no idea or run out of time, always tick the B box on multiple choice questions.  B comes up on multiple choices more often. So if there is a time limit a minute before the end go back and check all the B boxes on the questions you don’t know.

At least you will have a one in four chance of being correct. it’s  better than leaving a blank –  if you don’t get points taken off for a wrong answer.

All of us have different learning styles so one test should suit you better than the other. I suggest you do every free practice test for both the IELTS and PTE tests and take the test where you consistently score better marks.

Although each exam claims to be a test of “English” in the most universal sense of that word, this is not exactly true. The IELTS relies on more British and Australian English, while TOEFL and PTE Academic draw from a more distinctly American idiom.

On the IELTS, you speak face-to-face with the Rater, which for some test-takers is more comforting, while for others is more anxious-making. On both the TOEFL and the PTE Academic you speak into a microphone and the computer captures the audio. Again, this might be more relaxing for some people or more unsettling. (NOTE: your TOEFL speaking is evaluated by a human Rater, while your PTE speaking is evaluated by a computer program.)

The Major difference between PTE and others is No human intervention in PTE. Automated system will judge your writing,speaking and reading

Very recently people applying for AUSTRALIA PR can also apply via PTE to get their eligible base point.

How hard is it to get good scores on the Pearson test of English?

What is the best way to prepare for PTE (Pearson Test in English)?

You need to be practicing on sectional basis. You need to be reading magazines and newspapers on daily basis to improve your overall English. And to also join some test series like on PTE Academic Practice Tests & Sample papers that would let you know your strong and weak areas.

I am planning to take the Pearson Test for English academic (PTE). What are tips and tricks for cracking this test and also is getting 65, a tough task?
  • Get accustomed to the test,not many people have taken a computer based  test prior to taking the PTE.
    2) Most people find the listening part a bit daunting as they are not used to remembering sentences or recollecting words instantaneously. The more nervous you are whilst taking the test, the harder it is to manage the listening part I’d say.
    Just get used to the idea of giving a test online. 65 should not that much of a drama

PTE is really very advantageous exam  and other thing which I would like to assert  is it’s results, the results which comes in your mail id even before you wake up nicely the next day and would think about your previous day exam  .
1. I will like to talk about myself  -my name is ALOK and I got my result today and frankly speaking it made my day .

2. Some good tips ,firstly for speaking
In this I would like to utter that please keep on speaking for describing image or graph I repeat do speak . Whether you are understanding the graph or not ,the only prime thing to keep in mind is that it is a speaking task so you have to speak and show that you can speak .
One good point for my side is when you describe the graph and if you are not getting what to say ,you can firstly describe what the image is depicting with words like The graph is showing,illustrating or depicting whatever you see as the starting words, secondly you can say about the numbers which are on the vertical axis and the years which are on the horizontal axis , following this you can add the units like the graph has degree celcius as unit or the million dollars or percentage . Please say these things if you feel weak as a speaker , your main focus should be to say at least 3 sentences  .
1. you can say about the topic .
2.you can say the unit
3.you can say the horizontal and vertical axis points like years or percentage .

For Retell lecture  understand the theme and note some points from the lecture and when starting please say IN the following lecture the speaker has talked about  name the topic and then add some points which you have heard and I would say please speak as it is the speaking module .

Now about listening –
please write on the notepad what you hear ,if not all but at least the starting topic and the main theme of the topic and write them in your own  words for summarize spoken test and  almost all the listening part . I repeat practice listening and writing at home as it will increase your speed .

Reading -In this you have to manage time and try to spend only 1 to 2 min for choosing single and multiple type only because if you spend more time on this you may miss the last questions which carry heavy marks ,Secondly in multiple type it select only what you feel is right don’t select those options in which you have dilemma or you are confused as it has negative marking .
Focus on fill in the blanks and selecting from blocks as these have good marks content .

Writing –
Practice summary writing  and write below 75 words with only 1 full stop means only one fullstop . For this you can search for the main word of the topic  in the first line only  and   and after reading the lower paras you will be  able to make a   good summary ,try to write in your own words by paraphrasing the words and sentences .
For essays 200-300 words  please be to the point and write what is being asked and use Firstly,secondly  in conclusion to end your paragraphs and please add some examples in essay as they briefs your idea .

And if you have any questions or queries or if you want any notes email  me    at[email protected]
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PTE (The Pearson Test of English):

Which section in a PTE test is the most difficult?

Completely depends on the individual. If you are strong in reading, then you won’t find difficulty in the reading section, same apply for the writing and speaking section as well as listening section. So, it depends on your ability. If you’re good at particular section, you’ll do good in it comparing to other where you finding difficulty.

Though,what I observed that “Listening” Section is difficult. Because the candidates find it difficult to understand the speech while listening. This is one section where most of the candidates get low score. So, it is necessary to be an active listener and have quick comprehending ability about what they listened.

What are some materials or websites for learning Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic?

I am not familiar with the PTE format at all, however I just want to add general tips about improving competitive English.

  1. Magoosh have great tutorials and tips for learning words and vocab, and much of the resources are free.
  2. Vocabulary.comhas progressive tests for checking your acquaintances with words. You might want to practice it daily, as it will unconsciously make you familiar with many words.
  3. Practice with appropriately sized texts, read magazine and news articles on specialized topics and learn to speed-read without looking up dictionary often. It is a useful skill if you can guess the meaning of words in-situ without referring to a thesaurus.
  4. Do not leave writing practice for the end of the preparation. In fact, take it at least along with vocabulary, although i recommend get a good grasp of vocabulary before starting your simultaneous writing-cum-vocabulary practice. It helps you include words you recently learnt in your essays/articles, and also helps you see how you are progressing through your written pieces.

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