Is the fees charged by tutor negotiable?

Fees fixed by our tutor is non-negotiable. Please appreciate a tutor’s time and effort by not negotiating with the teacher. A teacher is hired to give an extra edge to the education already being received, a happy teacher will help you cover that extra mile that your other sources of education have been ineffective with. http://mytrustedtutor.com/blog/how-much-tuition-fee-to-quote/

Is there a minimum fees?

Yes, we do not entertain or work on those tuition leads where tuition fees is less than Rs.2000 monthly or where first installment in case of total course fees is less than Rs.5000.

Will I get a demo class free?

This is something we let our tutors decide. We do advise our tutors to keep demo free. But there are some senior and experienced tutors who charge for demo. In case you like the tutor whose demo you paid for then that demo class can be adjusted in the tuition fees or can be considered as first class.

How many Demos can I take?

We will not be able to help you beyond 3 Demos. Please try to assess a tutor over phone as well before fixing a demo.

I didn’t like accent, pronunciation and general tone of the tutor. Should I reject him?

For subjects other than languages, not all tutors may have a polished accent, pronunciation or tone. They could be very good with their subject but not as good with their verbal skills. If you are okay to look beyond their average communication skills then you may consider them. Having said that, you are free to reject a tutor on any ground.

Do you complete background check of a tutor?

We do try to complete KYC, however, we only assess our tutors academically

How safe it is to have a stranger teach my kid?

We will like you to be around when session is underway. You may check in with the kid & tutor regularly to keep track of progress and behaviour. We are a marketplace for tutors, parents, students. We don’t guarantee safety or suitability either explicit or implied.

How do you assess your tutors?

We take their interview and in some cases send them a test. As a result, only high quality tutors make it to our portal.

What if I don’t like a tutor or tutor cancels after tuition has begun?

We provide a replacement only if the tutor leaves within the first month of the class commencement or the first eight classes, whichever is earlier. If we are unsuccessful in providing any replacement for the teacher/institute, we refund the money after deducting the fee for classes that have been conducted.

Till when I can pay for the first month?

You need to make payment immediately after the First Class. Only then shall the teacher continue teaching.

Can I pay tuition fee/ installment at the end of the month?

First month’s tuition fees or first installment you must pay in advance. From next month or next installment you will be dealing with tutor directly.

What are the acceptable methods of payment?

We accept payment in the following modes: Paytm & Bank to Bank Transfer. If you must pay by cash then please deposit in our account. For payment collection in cash or cheque, an extra charge of Rs. 200 will be levied, over and above the tuition fee.

Are you an institute?

We are marketplace for schools, institutes, classes, teachers, home tutors, parents, students to connect with one another.

You have tutors for what subjects?

We have tutors for all subjects (academic or nonacademic). If you don’t find a tutor for the subject you are looking for then please contact us and we will look one for you.

Do you also help with assignments or quick problem solving?

Yes, we ourselves were burdened with our assignments when we were completing our graduation and post-graduation and wanted help badly as pressure was just too much to handle. We have also realized that by taking help to complete an assignment that was non-priority or existed because assigning an assignment is just a norm we could actually focus on those value-adding assignments that developed our cognition, confidence and personality as a whole. Similarly, we often used to get stuck with a problem in a subject let’s say math or physics or accounts and had no one around to solve them as it was too late in the day or help for one question or few questions was just unavailable. We have tutors who are ready to help students almost instantly and they charge nominal to help a student out (no surge pricing either) :)

What if I see a technical error with website?

You may please take a screenshot and report it to us by email.


What is My Trusted Tutor?

We are a marketplace for Schools, Teachers, Parents/Students, Private Tutors or Home Tutors, Online Tutors & Corporate Trainers. We help them connect fast, expand further and find better.

Do you charge for creating an account?

Nope, we don’t. It’s Free.

What is your service charge?

We charge 50% of first month’s tuition fees or 20% of first installment received where tuition fees is for total course and is paid to you in installments.

How will you collect payment from the Parent/ Student?

We collect first month’s tuition fees or first installment of total course fees in advance from the parent/ student. We deduct our service charge and transfer rest to your account. From next month or next installment you will be dealing with the parent/ student directly. We do not entertain or work on those tuition leads where tuition fees is less than Rs.2000 monthly or where first installment is less than Rs.5000.

Why do you take service charge? Why is it not free?

We at MyTrustedTutor help you connect with students who are looking for best teachers around to help them learn. We want you to focus on what you are best at doing and that is teaching. We will take care of what we are best at and that is marketing. As you must get paid for your services to a student so should we.

Can I contact a parent or student directly?

We will be speaking to the parent directly for you and will get back to you. By channeling discussions through us you get to relax as your marketing is in experienced hands :)

What is ETG?

ETG is Elite Tutor Group. We look at following traits to include teacher in ETG:- 1. Applies to a posted inquiry relevant to your profile within 2 hours. 2. When there is followup by MyTrustedTutor, answers our calls or calls back if unable to answer at the time of call. Replies to our SMS, WhatsApp and calls within 2 hours. 3. Your profile on MyTrustedTutor is complete. 4. Your students have given positive reviews about you.

What will I get if I become part of ETG?

1. We share with them a requirement before Non-ETG’s. 2. We assign our team to look for as many tuitions for them as possible. 3. We promote their individual brand through us.

Can I collect fees from the parent?

In case of monthly fees, first month’s fees is collected by us. Second month onward you may deal directly with the parent/ student. In case of total course fees, first installment is collected by us. Second installment onward you may deal directly with the parent/ student.

What if parent/ student cancels a tuition?

In such a scenario, after looking into the merits of the case, we may refund 50% of the fee collected by us which shall include a penalty of Rs. 200 levied on the parent/student for cancellation. We also consider the number of classes provided and the number of days post commencement. For more details, get in touch with our executive.

Is there an incentive if I recommend a teacher?

Yes, you will earn Rs.200 if your recommended teacher converts a tuition.

Is there a Demo class?

We would recommend for new tutors to must offer a demo class free as it will give parents/ students a chance to know you and trust you. In case you have few years of experience, our advice is to keep demo class free. However, if you charge for demo class then it will get adjusted with the fees if you convert that tuition.

Why should I register with My Trusted Tutor?

Well, first thing first, registration is free and we take a service charge only when you convert a tuition. So there is no upfront cost. Also, our service charge is lower than competition and since we are 8 years old we are better known among parents/ students.Therefore number of quality leads are higher than competition.

Do you also receive inquiries for online tuition?

Oh yes, many. In fact, we want our tutors to teach from convenience of them homes. We are also gonna go international and may find you some international assignments from the convenience of your home

Must I complete my KYC (Know Your Customer)?

Yes, you MUST. We cannot stress it more that we have to have your Identity Proof, Address Proof and Educational Qualification Proof with us to get your account approved. Parents/ Students prefer tutors who are KYC compliant.

What’s Make My Profile Hidden?

How and when will my profile be approved?

Your profile will be checked for its compliance with our Terms of Use, KYC compliance, Skill Assessment and finally there will be a short call between you and our executive. Our executive will have some profile related questions to you. Once we are satisfied with our assessment we will approve your profile and you will receive a SMS & Email notification.

How will I see feedback on my profile?

When a tuition is ending you may remind parent or student to give a feedback on you. We will be sending a link to the parent or student that parent or student need to click on to write your feedback. Feedback will be displayed on your page and can be viewed by others visiting your page. Needless to say, better feedback means higher ranking, demand and business for you!

Is there a difference between tutor and teacher word?

These are generally used interchangeably. However, for our website tutors are who give in-person home tuition or private tuition and teachers are who teach at school, institute and class.

What if I see a technical error with website?

You may please take a screenshot and report it to us by email.

What is the qualification or experience of your tutors?

Among our tutors we have Phd’s, CA’s, Senior Lawyers, Choreographers from Best Dancing Schools, Bakers from Best Bakeries and so on. Their teaching experience varies from 0 to 20 years. You can browse through them yourself as well. However, higher the qualification and years of experience higher could be the fees.

How do I let you know that I am looking for a job with a School as well?

You can at the time of onboarding with us tick the checkbox of “Are you looking for Teaching Jobs” and click on Done. It will take you to Teaching Job form. Another way is to go to Dashboard and click on Teaching Jobs tab in the list at the left and fill up the form from there.

Will I be charged a fees to register as teacher?

No, registration is free.

Will I have to pay you if I get hired for a school, institute, class teaching job through you?

Nope, it’s free. You can apply to as many jobs as you want to. How can I see or apply to Teaching Jobs or Requirements? You can go to Teaching Jobs tab and you will see all listed jobs there. You can search jobs or requirements related to your profile and apply. You will have to be signed in to apply.

Must I complete my KYC (Know Your Customer)?

Yes, you MUST. We cannot stress it more that we have to have your Identity Proof, Address Proof and Educational Qualification Proof with us to get your account approved. Schools, Institutes and Classes prefer tutors who are KYC compliant.

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